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Coach Surprises Students After Deployment to Afghanistan

"A Utah man who recently returned from a deployment in Afghanistan had a wonderful surprise."

Culture Beat · Mar. 19, 2019

“On Monday, students at Northridge High School were informed they would be listening to a guest speaker. But, moments later, Andrew Olson, a captain in the Army National Guard and football and basketball coach at the school, burst into the room. He was instantly swarmed by a group of teenage boys, at least one of whom jumped over a table to embrace Olson. ‘He loves them. They’re like his little brothers or kids,’ Olson’s wife, Tina [said].”

“‘He’s a tough coach, very stern and expects a lot but I think it helps the kids respect him because they know he does it from love,’ she added.”

“Aaron Tanner, one of the boys in the video, told the news station Olson ‘set a great example by committing to serve our country.’”

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