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'Racism'! What Are We Missing?

If it weren't for double standards, the Left would have no standards at all.

Roger Helle · Mar. 22, 2019

We all were saddened when the news broke about the massacre of Muslims in two mosques in New Zealand last week. As happens when a tragedy like this occurs, it takes a while before all of the facts come out. A neo-Nazi from Australia, where guns are very strictly controlled, managed to get weapons into New Zealand and murder 50 Muslims.

It didn’t take any time before the media was blaming President Donald Trump for the killings. In the killer’s insane, hate-filled, 80-page racist manifesto, apparently he mentioned Trump one time. This was all the media needed to blame Trump for the shootings. After all, they said President Trump refuses to condemn “white supremacy.” Right? Not quite.

Back in 2017, when antifa thugs and white supremacists clashed in Charlottesville, Virginia, and a woman was killed when hit by a car, the media went into full “hair on fire” attack on the president because he would not condemn white supremacists. Except he did! Trust, but verify, I always say. But the media conveniently twisted or overlooked his remarks because it wouldn’t help their narrative that Trump is an unrepentant racist.

After the shooting in New Zealand, President Trump condemned racism of all types. Once again, that was not good enough for the media. I guess they wanted him to call out this murderer by name as if he knew him personally? The president was not specific enough for them in his condemnation. But what about the time both Democrats and Republicans called out the anti-Semitic comments (again) of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar?

For some reason, this representative from Minnesota can’t help herself when it comes to Jewish people. She’s not too fond of this country either, which is interesting. Omar’s family fled to America to escape war torn Somalia where her father served the government of the Marxist dictator (that sure explains some things). So much for gratitude to America and Americans for giving her the freedom she now enjoys.

Congresswoman Omar’s comments were a bridge too far for some Democrats, as well as some Republicans. Congress took up a resolution to condemn her remarks, but that effort hit a snag right from the start. The typical defenders of the indefensible jumped to her defense. The resolution that was voted on was so broad, it was pretty worthless. It included all types of hate, including — wait for it — anti-Muslim hate, and it didn’t call her out by name.

By the way, did you notice that anti-Christian language was omitted? They didn’t have any trouble calling out Congressman Steve King from Iowa for seemingly racist comments and stripping him of his committee assignments. Omar kept her committee assignment because that would be racist to take it away, right? Rep. Omar was quick to claim victory over all of us “racists” in America.

While President Trump was criticized for not being specific enough in his condemnation of violence and racism, the Left couldn’t have been vaguer in theirs! As I always say, if it weren’t for double standards, the Left would have no standards at all.

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