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Dolly Parton Donates $200,000 to Volunteer Fire Departments

She "released funds to help the families who suddenly found themselves homeless."

Culture Beat · Mar. 28, 2019

“Country artist and philanthropic leader Dolly Parton has donated $200,000 to volunteer fire departments in Sevier County who bravely fought against the severe wildfires that ravaged the land in 2016.”

“The fire, which broke out in late 2016 after months of severe drought, killed 14 people and caused damage or total destruction to more than 2,500 homes throughout Sevier County in Tennessee.”

“According to the Knoxville News Sentinel, around 885 families received assistance from Parton’s "My People Fund” in the amount of $1,000 a month for a six-month period after the fire.“

Read more at The Western Journal.

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