The Patriot Post® · The Real Fraud of Medicare for All

By Nate Jackson ·

In the same week that the lid was blown off of a massive $1.2 billion Medicare scam, Sen. Bernie Sanders decided to reintroduce his single-payer-health-insurance bill — the socialist scam called Medicare for All. What could go wrong?

The bill’s 14 cosponsors include Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, Sen. Cory Booker, and Sen. Kamala Harris, all of whom are 2020 presidential contenders. It has quickly become a litmus test for Democrats.

We could talk about the outrageous cost, given that an earlier and slimmer version of Sanders’s bill is estimated to run an eye-popping $32 trillion over 10 years. Or we could evaluate how catastrophic it would be to force 177 million Americans off of their private health insurance and onto the government dole by making it generally “unlawful” to even sell private insurance. (“If you like your health care plan, you can keep it” is so 2008.) And then there’s the abortion-on-demand coverage that would force millions of Americans to fund the slaughter of innocent babies in utero.

But it’s the very premise of Medicare for All that’s deeply wrong.

“I want to end the international embarrassment of the United States of America being the only major country on earth that doesn’t guarantee health care to all people as a right and not a privilege,” Sanders pontificated. That, of course, hearkens back to the Left’s incredibly twisted interpretation of “rights,” which largely consist of services that have to be provided by someone else.

Economist Walter Williams explained this back in 2016 — oddly enough while rebutting Sanders for asserting the same thing about health care as he is now. “In the standard historical usage of the term, a ‘right’ is something that exists simultaneously among people. As such, a right imposes no obligation on another,” Williams explained. However, for the Left, “Those supposed rights do impose obligations upon others. … If one person has a right to something he did not earn, it requires another person’s not having a right to something he did earn.”

The Democrats’ agenda in a nutshell is to offer as many “free” goodies to as many constituents as possible to secure their own power. Calling such redistribution a “right” is merely a way to psychologically persuade those constituents that they deserve it. Trampling the Constitution and actual rights? Never mind that when there are elections to win.