The Patriot Post® · 'The Sky Is Falling! We're All Going to Die!'

By Roger Helle ·

I have to say, I was somewhat troubled when I heard that in just 10 years, life as we know it is going to end … or something. When I listened to the explanation of what we needed to do to save the world, I was even more concerned.

I guess my problem is, being older and still having my faculties, I seem to remember in the 1970s Time magazine had an article about the coming Ice Age. Still waiting! In 2008, Al Gore predicted that because of global warming the East Coast would be under water in 10 years. Wait — that would have been 2018. I was in New York City in January and it “seemed” to be okay.

Several years ago, the ice pack in Antarctica was not shrinking but growing — at a rate of 100 billion tons per year. Wow! Billions? That seems like a lot, but I’m no expert; I could be missing something. I don’t know where you live, but I’m happy if the weatherman gets it right for the upcoming weekend. Yet we have experts telling us what will happen in 100 years. Now it’s down to only 10 years.

I am amazed at how much Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez learned while working as a bartender. She must have really studied at her job. Her degree was in economics and international relations. We’re told “climate change” is settled science. I was in school before Time predicted the coming Ice Age and I was told that science is never settled, because we are always learning new things.

But I want to keep an open mind, so I looked into what we need to do. I have to say, I will miss hamburgers. I know cows fart a lot (I’m a senior citizen, so I relate) but still, no burgers? No more air travel? No planes? Well, no planes for most of us. The really smart people will still need to get around and we can’t fault them for that, can we?

I will look forward to having my home rebuilt to be energy efficient, I guess. Will I have to pay for it or will the government do it? As all of us have to do that, seems like that could be expensive. But if that is what we need to do, I guess I will just have to get with the program.

Electricity is going to be pretty hard to get when all we have is wind and solar power. I mean, I live in the South, but we don’t have wind like when I lived in Nebraska! We have sunshine, so that may work … some days. France’s nuclear plants produce nearly 70% of that country’s power. Wow! I mean if the French can do that, we surely can. Wait, that’s not allowed either; no nuclear plants.

The proponents of the Green New Deal really care for us. Trust them! Just give them everything we have and they will see that it happens. There is one thing of some concern. It seems we are the only country that is supposed to destroy our economy and way of life to save the world. What about the rest of the world? What will they do?

We could totally destroy our economy, the greatest and freest in the world, and it will make no difference if other nations do nothing. Has Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez floated this by Russia, China, India, and most of Africa? I’m not hearing anything. Those nations alone would completely eliminate any change we “might” make; especially when we do not have conclusive proof that humans can change the weather on this planet.

Congresswoman, get some buy-in from these other nations and get back to us!

Something to think about?