The Patriot Post® · Hypocrites Decry Trump's Sanctuary City Pitch

By Nate Jackson ·

In the latest entry in the fascinating Leftmedia genre known as Anonymous Sources, The Washington Post stirred the pot on immigration again Friday. So let’s take a step back from the churn and evaluate what’s really going on here.

But first, briefly, the WaPo said its reporters reviewed emails between White House officials discussing twice in recent months the possibility of releasing illegal aliens in sanctuary cities. That story was quickly picked up by other media outlets. Officially, the White House dismissed the report, saying, “This was just a suggestion that was floated and rejected, which ended any further discussion.”

Nevertheless, it gave Nancy Pelosi (D-San Fran-Sanctuary City) the opportunity to blast her nemesis: “The extent of this administration’s cynicism and cruelty cannot be overstated. Using human beings — including little children — as pawns in their warped game to perpetuate fear and demonize immigrants is despicable.”

Of course, her statement applies far more to Democrat behavior than anything else. Moreover, is Pelosi upset that Trump is detaining illegal alien children, or that he’s releasing them?

Soon, however, Donald Trump responded that, yes, his administration is giving “strong considerations” to the idea. “The Radical Left always seems to have an Open Borders, Open Arms policy — so this should make them very happy!” Trump wrote. Nobody trolls the Left quite like Trump.

Trump also declared, “The USA has the absolute legal right to have apprehended illegal immigrants transferred to Sanctuary Cities. We hereby demand that they be taken care of at the highest level, especially by the State of California, which is well known for its poor management & high taxes!”

In any case, while much of the chattering class is debating whether Trump’s idea is even legal or how it makes any sense at all, we’ll save that debate for such a time that this is an actual plan. For now, the real question should be turned in the other direction.

Sanctuary cities flaunt, reject, and even actively oppose federal immigration law. It’s easy to imagine that when illegals are released, they often end up in sanctuary cities anyway. Trump has a point — Democrats should welcome this opportunity with open arms. Yet these hypocrites are hysterically screaming about even the suggestion that the federal government might make them put their money where their mouths are, so to speak. The truth is Democrats cynically exploit immigrants of both the legal and illegal variety so they can obtain political power. They also hope to remain insulated from the consequences of their terrible policies. All the Trump administration’s suggestion does is highlight Democrat hypocrisy.