The Patriot Post® · Democrats Turn on Women

By Robin Smith ·

Well, that didn’t take long. The party whose playbook is identity politics has gone from claiming the moral high ground on women’s rights and having loyalty from the female voting bloc to essentially guaranteeing the end of women’s sports as a field of accomplishment, competition, and reputation, as well as pushing legislation that will harm women by making it more difficult for them to own firearms for self-defense.

The last two Januaries, the National Mall was occupied by tens of thousands of angry women in who, most likely, expected Hillary Clinton to become the 45th U.S. president. Their noggins were covered in bright pink knitted caps fashioned in the shape of a female organ, and they were unified under the rallying cry that they would prevail in the body politick despite the unimaginable victory of Donald Trump. As the #MeToo Movement commenced, Democrats at the national level would become the only group to stand up for the rights and empowerment of women, right?

Well, that was so yesterday.

As the same Democrats in elected office shift their focus from one identity group to another, the solidarity of victimhood that disgruntled women have found within the ranks of the political Left has been displaced by the emphasis on the social-justice efforts to satisfy other various voting blocs — most recently the LGBTQIA+ Rainbow Mafia.

All but one House Democrat cast votes in favor of the Equality Act, demonstrate that their legislative priorities are directed by politics, not constitutional policy. (They were joined by two Republicans who apparently misplaced their copies of the RNC Platform and the U.S. Constitution.) If this bill were to become law and actually amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964, not only would women’s sports become dominated by the gender-confused and “transgender” who fluctuate genders based on feelings, not biology, but every aspect of hiring and promotion, scholarship consideration, and public life would be forever changed by the regulatory morass that would result from such an insane policy.

What’s fascinating about the Equality Act is that it was a policy first introduced in July 2015 … when Barack Obama was president, the Senate was controlled by Democrats, and the GOP held only a 33-seat majority in the House. The bill died in both House and Senate committees, never seeing the light of day on the floor of either chamber for a vote. Why? It could be argued that it would’ve been much easier for America’s first black president working to transform our nation to embrace this far-reaching proposal. Only now, it seems, in 2019 — with a strong economy and other Trump administration achievements — that the urgency to employ identity politics has become so very critical to the hard-Left Democrat Party.

It’s not just through the LGBTQIA+ agenda that women are finding themselves harmed, but the anti-gun agenda is a threat to women who choose to protect themselves observing their Second Amendment right. The reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) by the House — led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her famed freshman class of radicals who govern via Twitter — sounds like good policy, but, as always, the devil is in the details.

As with the Equality Act, a good moniker does not always reflect effective policy. First passed into law in 1994 with bipartisan support, the VAWA was expanded with future reauthorizations and faced Republican opposition in 2012 because the rights of homosexuals were included as were provisions permitting illegal immigrants to access temporary visas. Nothing like DC politics to take a reasonable bill and contort it beyond recognition, right? The most recent reauthorization by the House follows its expiration in February this year but comes with new amendments that will deny due process of those whose weapons are confiscated based on an ex parte order of protection — meaning the accused or their representative need not be present or heard. In fact, a citizen could even permanently lose the right to own, purchase, or possess firearms if convicted of the misdemeanor of stalking — a crime that may not include violence.

Hijacking a decent piece of legislation has become the new tool of Democrats to find incremental ways to establish their extreme agenda of gun control. In this case, that means potentially permanently erasing one’s constitutional right without a record of violence.

As militant leftists move to enact their radical agenda, women aren’t faring so well. Finding the gender-confused preferred in legislative protections and the facts flatly ignored that a growing population of women are turning to the Second Amendment to effectively protect themselves from all sorts of crimes are just two examples of the consequences of identity politics. Those politics circumvent the foundational principles of our Constitution and, in turn, harm females, not just erode Liberty.

A key phrase from the Democrats’ 2018 party platform declares, “We are stronger together.” Yeah, that is until Democrats need to appeal to a different identity group for votes. Good luck, ladies. The #MeToo movement is proving #YouToo can be left behind when the Constitution is ignored.