Population Math Is Adding Up to a Problem in the U.S.

For the first time in our world's recorded history, there are more elderly folks than kids.

Robin Smith · Apr. 29, 2019

“Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it.” The directive from the Creator had a purpose. But the embrace of several ideas propagated by the political Left is proving to be a problem in our current culture related to the diminished value of legacy through family.

A new United Nations report notes that for the first time in our world’s recorded history, the world has more elderly folks, aged 65 years and up, than kids, birth to five years of age. Demographers track these data not for Trivia Night, but to anticipate future economic consequences, the impact to health-care systems, the needs of infrastructure and housing, and the implications of other policies and politics. In 2018, the number of seniors were tallied at 705 million, while there were just 680 million kids five and under. That gap is projected to widen as years pass, meaning the math isn’t adding up to a sustainable future.

First, it’s an important premise to understand that each of the ideas contributing to the decline in birth rate are borne out of the belief that the more educated, sophisticated individuals all align on the Left and, therefore, the philosophies espoused by this collective must truly reflect not only intellectual superiority but also the moral high ground.

Second, due to medical and technological advances, we’re living longer. As the birth rate has fallen from almost five children per family in 1960 to 2.4 now, the aging population is living longer, magnifying the consequences of this demographic shift. In 1960, the average lifespan, globally, was around 52 years of age. Now, it’s up to 72 years of age, but as has been addressed in our pages, the abuse and addictions to drugs, including opioids, has trimmed that down from the mid-70s.

But what exactly are these enlightened notions that are influencing fewer babies per family unit?

First, the “new” religion that’s actually ancient, earth worship, has taught folks that humanity is toxic to our planet — singular, as far as we know, in the universe with its balance of light, darkness, water, land, and atmospheric gases that foster living growth and homeostasis. Whether it’s the new darling on the Left, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or some other climate alarmist, they’re spreading fear that the earth will be destroyed by manmade climate change in 12-20 years (which they’ve been saying for roughly 40 years). Never mind that the Ice Age and so many other eras and eons involving continental shifts and massive land movement that occurred prior to large human populations and advances like fossil fuels and the combustible engine, the indoctrination of death by weather is real.

A note: The verses about creation from Genesis do admonish humanity to steward creation for the availability of resources needed to live and to optimally exist. So, while earth worship is on one end of the spectrum, care must be taken to avoid the other extreme of exploitation and abuse.

A second foundational belief that serves as one of the most critical drivers of the political Left involves the value of being a mother. The thinking goes, on the highly educated Left, that if a woman is educated and empowered, she must surely not be burdened by serving as a host to another organism that will be dependent upon her for several years and look to her and her other chromosomal contributor, sometimes known as Dad, to serve as the first teachers and models for the maturing child’s behavior. Hence, it must be established that abortion on demand is a mandatory part of any learned approach to life, to ensure any female is not hindered in reaching her maximum potential by some miniature human. Simpler, for a woman to live at her best, they say, she must have access to abortion and live without the need of a man — and anyone who counters these beliefs works to enslave her.

The number of abortions performed in the U.S. since Roe v Wade in 1973 now totals over 61.2 million. Worldwide since 1980, the number of babies killed before birth via abortion exceeds 1.5 billion. Yeah, over a billion baby deaths have empowered women, right?

Never mind that when a woman conceives and carries the miracle of a baby formed from the DNA of two separate individuals, she is ensuring her legacy for at least one more generation. Women, through birth and childrearing, cannot just leave their singular mark on our society through personal accomplishment, but to fashion a life into existence that will, in turn, echo the beliefs and behavior instilled to potentially repeat the cycle. The prevailing stance on the political Left is to, instead, replicate thought, behavior, and beliefs through indoctrination and activism, not the legacy of family.

While certainly not an exhaustive list, a final point can easily be made on the resulting population decline that will certainly have real implications with a dwindling labor force, a ballooning need for elder-care and end-of-life services, and a strain on means-tested programs like Medicare and Social Security that have both been featured in recent headlines as increasingly insolvent. The redefinition of the role of a successful woman has been so perverted to include anger and animosity toward men, as well as an assignment of thought that the role of being a mother, along with being a wife, is mutually exclusive to happiness, success, and accomplishment. It’s more heralded to have an impressive résumé than to leave the fingerprints of love, mentoring, sacrifice, and legacy.

It’s pretty fascinating that words captured thousands of years ago — words meant to guide the created toward our best lives and futures — still hold true to this very moment. Despite their “best” efforts to be the beings with the highest intellect, leftists’ continue to fight with God, rejecting timeless truths and the reality that the differences in gender are part of the value of each for us to live life to the fullest and, yes, create a legacy. That’s math that adds up.

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