Tuesday Short Cuts

"We have ... seen one of the world's most prestigious newspapers become a cesspool of hostility towards Israel." —Ron Dermer

Political Editors · Apr. 30, 2019

Food for thought: “A person who feels that he does not matter will take a twisted form of solace in the fact that after he has committed his terrible act of violence, everyone wanted to know what was going on inside his head.” —Jim Geraghty

For the record: “We have … seen one of the world’s most prestigious newspapers become a cesspool of hostility towards Israel that goes well beyond any legitimate criticism of a fellow, imperfect democracy. The same New York Times that a century ago mostly hid from their readers the Holocaust of the Jewish people has today made its pages a safe space for those who hate the Jewish state. Through biased coverage, slanderous columns and anti-Semitic cartoons, its editors shamefully choose week after week to cast the Jewish state as a force for evil.” —Israeli ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer

Essence of partisanship: “I’m a JFK Democrat. I will pay any price, bear any burden, support any friend, oppose any foe to ensure the defeat of Donald J. Trump. You could be for Medicare-For-All or not, you could shoot my dog and if I think you can beat Trump, I’m going to be for you.” —Paul Begala

The BIG Lie: “Why do these people feel they have license to attack synagogues, to attack Sikh temples, to attack churches across the United States? This has really been fomented because of rhetoric we hear from the White House.” —Sen. Dick Durbin

Braying Jackass: “Spare us your thoughts and prayers. It’s an alibi for inaction. You told the NRA [last week] you’d keep dangerous guns in the hands of dangerous people. We will take it from here with action.” —Rep. Eric Swalwell in response to Trump’s tendering “Thoughts and prayers to all of those affected by the shooting at the Synagogue in Poway, California.”

Belly laugh of the week: “I am painfully aware that the male Fox commentariat nurtures its sickly obsession with Ms. [Alexandria] Ocasio-Cortez partly because they resent her cleverness, charisma and moral vitality, but mostly because they suspect that in high school she was one of those girls they had no hope of getting a date with.” —David Bentley Hart in The New York Times

Delusions: “If we can starve them of budgets and make sure they can’t do their job, then we can say the whole system should be thrown away. I’m not going to back down from protecting the VA.” —Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

And last… “Democrats ARE NOT anti-Semites. We love Jews every two years on Election Day.” —Twitter parody account @AOCpress

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