The Patriot Post® · GOP Needs to Be More Than 'Not Democrats'

By Robin Smith ·

The pageantry of the political Left is getting a great deal of media attention due to the 22 candidates that crowd the Democrats’ field of hopefuls. This might be terrific news for conservatives, knowing that the primary on the Left will force candidates to the most severe extremes will further expose their very simple, bifurcated platform: Democrats hate Donald J. Trump and they want to run America like Venezuela, promising “free” stuff to all.

This gives Republicans an incredible opportunity to run on the successes of the economy and the renewal of the American workers’ opportunities to prosper and earn due to the policies put into place over the last two years. Yet the temptation for some is to run safe, timid races that just declare, “We’re not them.”

Establishing the very real and monstrous difference between the two political parties is necessary in the coming months. Republicans must contrast the very perpendicular position of Democrats who are proudly embracing socialism instead of capitalism, which has been at the very heart of America’s uniqueness in leading the world’s economy.

According to a Public Opinion Strategies poll in February, 77% of Democrats support and believe that our nation would do best “if it were more socialist.” At the same time, key voting groups such as white suburban women, voters in key 2020 presidential states and all suburban voters disagree with policies promising “free” health care and “free” education under the banner of Democratic Socialism through the redistribution of wealth and increased taxation. When presented with the price tag, most people understand that someone has to pay for the “free” stuff — and it’s not those who don’t work and disproportionately receive it.

But, if there’s a way for Republicans to lose, again, they have a proven track record of doing so. Two years ago, the newly elected Donald Trump proceeded to methodically implement tax cuts that helped the middle class, not just the wealthy; cut hundreds of job-killing regulations that are taxes masked as some better way enforced by government; revisit, redefine, and reinforce that trade must be fair to protect American workers who’ve lost jobs to the global economy. Even so, we watched the midterm elections put Nancy Pelosi back in charge of a Democrat-controlled House.

House Republicans failed to articulate a substantive platform that reflected the successes from the White House — an effective economic policy, a move to secure the southern border, and an unparalleled growth in our energy independence that is positioning America to be free of the entanglements of an ever-unstable Middle East. And, what happened?

Democrats won 40 seats in November 2018, only needing 23 to return the House speaker’s gavel and control to Pelosi and her band of extreme Left freshmen, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar. These 40 pickups were due in part to palpable hatred of Trump in some districts. In other districts, it was because Republicans had not delivered on campaign promises to address the skyrocketing costs of health insurance premiums caused by ObamaCare or to deal with the aptly described invasion via America’s southern border by illegals exploiting our laughable immigration structure.

But, take heart, conservative Patriots. It appears there is a plan and strategy to correct the failings of the past with “Preserving American Freedom,” the Republican Study Committee’s 2020 budget plan that prioritizes the constitutional functions of the federal government and cuts inappropriate and wasteful spending. If successfully implemented, the roadmap will balance America’s out-of-control federal budget in just six years and begin reducing the dangerous federal debt that serves to choke future generations with excessive taxation.

While the economy is proving its strength and American workers are both working and experiencing wage growth, this plan would cut government spending by $12.6 trillion over the next decade, which shifts more growth to the private sector and cuts the public debt. A very critical part of this plan is to address significant drain on the annual budget via mandatory spending that is never reformed and soon to be insolvent — Social Security and Social Security Disability Insurance programs. Without raising taxes, the retirement eligibility age is proposed to change, apply inflation measures to benefits with a phase-out of some benefits for high-income earners, while protecting benefits of those with lower incomes at retirement.

For SSDI, reforms that prevent “double-dipping” while accessing both the insurance program and unemployment benefits, updating eligibility criteria that eliminates some non-medical factors, and pursing and eliminating fraud, the program that serves to replace income for those injured or disabled will have a greater longevity.

Yes, there’s a path for the House to flip back to Republican control — to see a balanced budget proposal move and even for the Senate GOP to gain a seat or two. It’s simply running on the successes we’re experiencing in a newly energized economy, the independence of America’s energy sector, and needed reforms to make health care consumer-driven and responsive to patients, just to name a few key policy possibilities. These, and other issues, certainly demonstrate that Republicans are more than #JustNotThemDems, but the courage comes when doing more than reciting campaign promises.

Republicans, have the courage to lead.