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Dems Continue to Display Firearm Ignorance

Harris and Booker level false claims in their ongoing crusade against guns.

Political Editors · May 16, 2019

One would think that if politicians wanted to be taken seriously on a given issue, they would take the time to educate themselves before making policy recommendations. But who are we kidding? These are Democrat presidential candidates we’re talking about.

Recently, presidential hopeful Kamala Harris has taken her anti-gun message on the campaign trail, where she has been offering her own fallacious definition of an “assault weapon.” She opined, “When we look at the issue of assault weapons, let’s be very clear: Assault weapons are designed to kill a lot of people in a very short period of time. We cannot any longer afford to allow people to make this a partisan issue.” Well, if Harris were serious about not making the right to bear arms a partisan issue, then she would stop talking about it in partisan terms. But we digress. She continued, “Those guns, those assault weapons, do not discriminate and determine, ‘OK, is the person pointing it at a Democrat or a Republican?’ This can no longer be a partisan issue.”

Once again, for Harris’s benefit, a firearm cannot do anything of its own accord. It has no volition. It is merely a tool designed to be fully directed by the user, a human being who points it in whatever direction he or she chooses. All intention and responsibility lie with the individual wielding the firearm. “Assault” weapons are a misnomer, as no firearm has ever assaulted anyone.

Equaling if not surpassing Harris’s foolish statement is Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), who in touting his anti-gun agenda made the nonsensical claim that “nowadays there is more regulation over toy guns than real ones.” This statement was so ridiculous that even the leftist Washington Post called Booker’s claims false, giving him three Pinocchios for the lie. Nevertheless, he also asserted, “Gun manufacturers have little incentive to make their products safer.” Not to worry, though; he “will work to close this loophole in federal oversight.” He’s dead wrong, of course, but when did that ever stop a Democrat from grandstanding about guns? Or anything else?

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