Wednesday Top News Executive Summary

Electoral College subversion, Trump's quid pro quo, debt bomb, witch hunt expands, and more.

Media Editors · May 22, 2019
  • ELECTORAL COLLEGE SUBVERSION: “The Nevada Senate approved Tuesday a National Popular Vote bill on a party-line vote, sending the legislation aimed at upending the Electoral College to the governor. … If signed as expected by Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak, Nevada would become the 16th jurisdiction to join the compact, along with 14 states and the District of Columbia. The compact would take effect after states totaling 270 electoral votes, and with Nevada, the total would reach 195.” (The Washington Times)

  • TRUMP’S QUID PRO QUO: “On the eve of a highly anticipated meeting with Democrats at which President Donald Trump was expected to unveil a way to fund a $2 trillion infrastructure proposal, Trump instead put Congress on notice that it will have to take a backseat to a trade deal.” (Politico)

  • THE DEBT BOMB GROWS: “The White House and bipartisan leaders on Capitol Hill are nearing a two-year deal to raise the spending caps, paving the way for a cleaner spending process but doing so at the expense of taxpayers.” (The Washington Times)

  • MUELLER WON’T BE EXPLOITED: “Robert S. Mueller III and House Democrats have been unable to reach an agreement on how much of the special counsel’s expected congressional testimony would be public, and how much would take place in private.” (The Washington Post)

  • WITCH HUNT EXPANDS: “The House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday subpoenaed former White House communications director Hope Hicks for documents and testimony related to its investigation into possible obstruction of justice and public corruption by the Trump administration. … The committee also subpoenaed former White House counsel Don McGahn’s chief of staff Annie Donaldson.” (Axios)

  • PREVENTABLE TRAGEDY: “Two teens arrested last week on charges stemming from a horrific killing in Maryland were supposed to be deported last year, but local authorities didn’t turn them over to ICE.” (The Washington Times)

  • WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE… “A Chinese company has set up shop in House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy’s congressional district and now McCarthy is blocking bipartisan legislation favored by the Trump Administration that would have harmed the Chinese government’s business interests.” (The Resurgent)

  • DHS’S NEW IMMIGRATION COORDINATOR: “The Trump administration will hire conservative firebrand and former Virginia attorney general Ken Cuccinelli II to coordinate immigration policy at the Department of Homeland Security.” (The Washington Post)

  • THE ECONOMY IS GREAT AGAIN: “Americans’ confidence in the U.S. job market is the highest in Gallup’s trend originating in 2001, with 71% in May saying now is a good time to find a quality job.” (Gallup)

  • PRETEND IT NEVER HAPPENED? “British Prime Minister Theresa May said her government will include in her Withdrawal Agreement Bill a requirement for Members of Parliament (MPs) to vote on whether to hold another Brexit referendum.” (Reuters)

  • POLICY: Fixing our broken immigration system (The Heritage Foundation)

  • POLICY: Why the USDA shouldn’t give special aid to farmers hit by tariffs (The Daily Signal)

  • HUMOR: Trump to halt climate change by creating government program to accelerate it (IMAO)

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