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Fast Facts on Abortion and Cases of Rape — Part 2

The real question is this: Whose body are we talking about when it comes to abortion?

Patrick Hampton · May 28, 2019

In my previous article, I discussed the disingenuous argument for abortion and how leftists will use rape and pseudoscience to justify their assault on human life. We know that abortions as a result of rape are very rare, and that the right to life comes from being a member of the human species. Being pro-abortion is far from a moral stance, but leftists use lies laced in moral arguments to decide who comes into the world and who doesn’t.

Now is the time for more truth to be told. So here are some more points to make about abortion:

  • If my father committed a sexual assault today, would the survivor of that horrific assault be justified in killing me? No, of course not. So what’s the difference? If you can’t kill me now, then how is it right to kill me inside of my mother’s womb?

  • Your right to do what you want with your body only goes so far. Your right to your body stops when it hurts someone else’s body. We have banned smoking in hospitals and outside of hospitals. Why? Because smoking harms those in hospitals.

  • Medical professionals regularly recommend safety precautions to pregnant women, such as not smoking or drinking, and to be careful of fall hazards and strenuous movements such as lifting and pulling. This is to prevent harm, deformity, or loss of the growing baby. If it’s not a baby, then what is it we are protecting The real question is this: Whose body are we talking about when it comes to abortion?

  • Consider those who were conceived in rape. Don’t they have the same right to life as I do? Or did my birth certificate have some special points added on because of my parent’s income/educational status or because there were candles lit when I was conceived?

I conclude this two-part discussion with the following: The Left is trying to position the State as our God. My hope is that those of us who are unsure of our stance on abortion come to terms with the truth that the right for an innocent baby to live is not up for debate. And I pray that those who advocate the pro-choice path know that someday — without saving redemption — they will face a consequence that’s far more severe than even the life-long guilt of killing a child in the womb.

Give life a chance.

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