The Patriot Post® · CNN Anchor Maligns Pro-2A Rape Victim

By Jordan Candler ·

The National Rifle Association featured a video this week of sexual-assault victim Kimberly Corban. In the video, Corban recounts the attack on her as a 20-year-old college student in off-campus housing, which she was reassured hadn’t recorded “a single incident since it had opened.”

“I was the first,” she explains of being raped and nearly killed.

“Now I’m a mother of two,” she continues in the video, “and if that predator or anyone else tries to harm me or my family, they have to come through my firearm first. I will never be unarmed or utterly vulnerable ever again.” Good for her.

Except CNN’s Chris Cuomo was having none of it. He snidely tweeted in response, “Only in America,” as if to suggest using a gun in self-defense to prevent terrible things like rape or even murder is a bad thing and should be abolished.

Cuomo later defensively issued these non sequiturs:

  • “‘Only in America’ are we still debating the legitimate right to protect oneself … vs sensible way to keep guns from wrong people. Only here can we not address the issues around school shootings.”

  • “A survivor story and the right to bear arms is not where we are stuck… We can’t get past this deadlock on all or none to make reasonable changes to help reduce deadly violence.”

Didn’t make the connection? Don’t worry — neither did tens of millions of other Americans. Clearly, Cuomo is agitated at the NRA — an institution made up of five million Americans he abhors — but in the process he insults (deliberately or not) a rape victim. Not even a physic could deduce Cuomo’s supposed train of thought behind “Only in America.”

As a matter of fact, “Only in America” is accurate only insofar as women in most other countries don’t have the right to use a firearm to fend off criminals. And we should be thankful that the right to bear arms is constitutionally protected. For most women, firearms are the only equalizer against strong, felonious men.