The Patriot Post® · 'Gay' Flag Displaces Veterans Memorial POW/MIA Flag

By Mark Alexander ·

In the increasingly leftist People’s Republic of Maryland, where, like northern Virginia, right-thinking grassroots Americans are under siege by hordes of DC bureaucrats flooding into their suburbs and taking over their state and local governments, another example of the resulting left-think effluent is flying high.

On Monday, in the DC suburb of Montgomery County, the POW/MIA flag in the high-profile Veterans Memorial Plaza was replaced by a “gay pride” flag for the month of June, which is “pride month.” The county council’s first gender-confused “LGBTQ” member pushed for the celebration of “gay pride month” with the raising of that rainbow flag.

Notably, there is only one day each year designated to honor the service and sacrifice of Veterans — November 11.

The asinine trend of raising rainbow flags in front of government buildings began, of course, with Barack Obama, who ordered “gay pride” celebrations and used our military to implement his government-wide gender-confusion agenda. So absurd is this trend that Obama’s actions even led to a “gay parody” of the flag raising represented by the Iwo Jima Marine Memorial.

Congressional Democrats have aggressively advanced Obama’s agenda under Donald Trump, most recently with their so-called “Equality Act” sponsored by their heterophobic gender deniers. That is, first and foremost, an appeal to female voters who support that agenda.

Feeling the heat, as of this morning, Montgomery County Executive Mark Elrich has restored the POW/MIA flag and moved the rainbow flag under the Maryland state flag — still flying on the Veterans Memorial Plaza.

And beyond Maryland, leftists are complaining their rainbow flag is not flying at military and embassy locations around the world – as it did under Obama. Responding to those complaints, Vice President Mike Pence declared: “When it comes to the American flagpole, and American embassies and capitals around the world, one American flag flies.”