Dumb and Dumber

Lack of good education is infecting our political system with some very bad ideas.

Roger Helle · Jun. 14, 2019

I believe teaching is a noble occupation. Where I live we have many good schools and great educators. Unfortunately, that doesn’t apply to all of our country today. If you have been paying attention to the state of education, we’re paying more and getting less each year.

In some states, teachers unions have ensured that our children graduate from high school knowing very little about America’s great history. How would they know? All they have been taught is how evil we are. America is “the” problem in the world today. That explains why our southern border is experiencing people from all over the world sneaking into our country — because we’re so evil, right?

Schools once taught civics and high-school graduates could most likely have passed the citizenship test back then. That’s not likely to happen today. Most beginning college students have already had their education dumbed down so they know little about the checks and balances and how government works … okay, how it’s supposed to work.

Let’s take the Electoral College. Leftists are already working to destroy it. At a campaign rally in Memphis, Tennessee, now my home state, Elizabeth Warren talked about doing away with the Electoral College. The Left has no problem with the Electoral College … when they win an election. When they win, it’s the smartest idea our Founding Fathers ever devised.

The Electoral College really is brilliant. The Founders knew that as the population grew in some states, if a national election was only based upon the popular vote, the smaller states would eventually lose their vote. The more populated states would always determine who would be president. The Electoral College ensured a level playing field, giving equal representation to all states voting for the president of the United States.

Warren was saying, “Everyone’s vote should count.” That sounds right if you are uninformed about the Electoral College. However, states like Tennessee and many of the smaller southern and western states would literally have no say about who became president. Five or six liberal states would decide that. But Warren’s “minions” were clapping and cheering at her obviously fraudulent proclamation. Facts be damned!

Down in my former home state of Georgia, Stacey Abrams, defeated in her bid for governor, is still running around saying she had the election stolen from her. Several candidates running for the Democrat nomination for president (and one socialist) are spewing the same nonsense. Abrams still has not conceded an election she LOST months ago.

Abrams and other leftists run around preaching to the aggrieved choir that minorities were disenfranchised (ripped off) in the election and their votes were not counted. Mushy brained, low-information voters pick up the battle cry even though statistics show just the opposite. More people registered to vote last year and more MINORITIES voted than any time in Georgia’s history. But don’t let facts stand in the way of a good pity party. Between a politicized media and a leftist education/propaganda system, the outlook does not look good.

But as a person of faith, I believe in miracles. I believe that our God can still change the course of our history. After all, He is the one who guided the steps of men, from Christopher Columbus to the Founding Fathers, to form this great nation to begin with!

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