The Patriot Post® · 36 Police Officers Injured in Memphis Race Riot

By Culture Beat ·

Thirty-six police officers were injured in Frayser, Tennessee, a suburb of Memphis. The injuries were the result of a riot following news that U.S. Marshals had shot and killed Brandon Webber, a black man wanted for several violent felonies. According to reports, Webber attempted to ram the marshals’ vehicle, and then exited the vehicle he was driving with a weapon when he was shot. Authorities note that Webber was the suspect in a Facebook sale gone bad in which the seller was shot and his car stolen.

As word of the incident spread, a large crowd formed, many to protest what antagonists claimed was unwarranted police violence. Predictably, the riot and assault on police followed. As Fox 13 reported: “Memphis police, Shelby County Sheriff’s Office and The Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives agents tried to control the crowd. Rocks were thrown at police. MPD cars were hit with chairs, as rows of law enforcement tried to control the madness.”

Memphis Police Director Mike Rallings praised his officers’ actions, noting, “If your home was vandalized or you were harmed, we need you to call police. When this happens in a neighborhood, the neighborhood is victimized. The officers did an enormous job tonight showing restraint in a very volatile situation.”

We don’t see this developing into another national story the way Ferguson did, though it isn’t for lack of trying on the part of the “Black Lives Matter” mob.