The Patriot Post® · Why Trump's Latest Polling Numbers Matter

By Thomas Gallatin ·

We are 17 months out from the 2020 presidential election, so why should anyone care that recent polling (including from President Donald Trump’s own pollsters) shows him far behind his Democrat opponents in several key states? Because pollaganda is real and effective. It’s how the Leftmedia shapes and moves public opinion, all while gauging its success. In other words, polling more often than not is a reflection of the effectiveness of the media’s messaging as people simply report back what they’ve been fed.

For the entirety of Trump’s presidency, 90% of the mainstream media’s reporting on him has been negative. No previous president has had to contend with such an onslaught of media antagonism on a daily basis, and yet in spite of this Trump has seen remarkable success in implementing his America First agenda. The question is, how many Americans are aware of this? How many realize that the strong economy they are now enjoying is largely due to Trump’s policies?

But there are also important caveats regarding the White House’s internal polling. Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale explained, “These leaked numbers are ancient, in campaign terms, from months-old polling that began in March before two major events had occurred: the release of the summary of the Mueller report exonerating the President, and the beginning of the Democrat candidates defining themselves with the far-left policy message.”

Yet, as everyone knows and as the 2016 election proved, the only real poll that ultimately matters is on Election Day. And 2020 Election Day is still a long way off, with Trump just this week set to formally announce his reelection bid in Orlando, Florida. Moreover, Trump’s Democrat challenger has yet to be determined, with that challenger sure to be bloodied by the time they face off against Trump. Speaking of the Democrat field, the current frontrunner, Joe Biden, has seen his big lead weaken while a new CBS poll shows hard-leftist Elizabeth Warren moving into second, overtaking the fast-fading socialist Bernie Sanders.

One final note: At this same point in his presidency, Ronald Reagan polled nationally at 35% favorability; Trump is currently at 37%. Reagan went on to win the 1984 election in a 49-state landslide. Why? Many historians point to Reagan’s economic turnaround, which likewise may prove to be the trump card that gets Trump reelected. However, Democrats and the Leftmedia will do everything in their power to convince Americans that voting for Trump will bring about the end of the country, and they’re pushing a recession to make their predictions come “true.”