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Utah Veteran Turning 101 Gets 5,000 Birthday Cards

"Frey said he had not expected to ever get so many cards." Happy Birthday!

Culture Beat · Jun. 20, 2019

“When John Frey’s family requested 101 birthday cards to celebrate the World War II veteran’s 101st birthday in Utah, they were expecting to get 500 at most. At a celebration on June 8, a day after his birthday, Frey ended up with well over 5,000 cards, the Daily Herald reports.

"According to the report, Frey’s request spread quickly after The Associated Press picked up the story from the Daily Herald in May and it appeared in news outlets across the country. The cards came from all 50 states and at least 12 countries. Entire classrooms of children, military veterans and Utah’s elected officials wanted to wish the former mechanic/machinist for the U.S. Army a happy birthday.”

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