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Police Officers Lionize Graduate's Late Father

"A total of 18 officers came to his party. ... The officers didn't come empty-handed either."

Culture Beat · Jun. 25, 2019

“A Midland High School graduate won’t soon forget the gifts he was given at his open house. ‘I think it’s just incredible what they did for me and my family,’ said Micah Schieber. Schieber’s father, Chad Schieber, died while running the Chicago Marathon in 2007. He had an undetected heart condition.The elder Schieber was a man of faith, a husband, father, and Midland police officer. Micah asked his mother Sarah Schieber to invite the Midland Police Department to his graduation open house. …

"A total of 18 officers came to his party. Many of them worked with his dad. … The officers didn’t come empty-handed either. Some had memories to share. … One gift was especially meaningful. It was a trading card featuring his father. ‘Very, very special to me. I didn’t have one, I didn’t even know they made them. And so opening up the gift and seeing that first just kinda hit me, hit me hard,’ Schieber said. The Midland police officers also gave him $111. ‘One-eleven is really big to my family because that was my dad’s badge number, and it’s weird because we seem to find it everywhere,’ Schieber said.”

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