The Patriot Post® · 'Left' Behind: Old-School Dems Disappointed by Their Party

By Patrick Hampton ·

Robert Johnson, American entrepreneur and cofounder of Black Entertainment Television, says the Democrat Party has moved “too far to the left,” according to CNBC.

Describing himself as a long-time Democrat, Johnson — who supported Hillary Clinton in 2016 — says that he does not feel today’s Democrat Party reflects his ideology anymore. His sentiments are like that of many black Americans who feel “left behind” by their own party.

But who can blame him? After all, during the 2020 Democrat primary debates all but one of the presidential candidates addressed issues pertaining to the black community. Plus, every single one claimed to be all for granting illegal immigrants free health care. (Over Americans? Even black Americans?)

And not one candidate had a solid plan for a robust economic future that could eclipse President Donald Trump’s success. This oversight leaves out millions of voters — from billionaires to businesses and blue-collar workers across the nation.

So it’s only natural that Johnson, the first black billionaire, would praise the strong U.S. economy under Trump.

As a media mogul who has spent the better part of his life catering to the African American community, Johnson’s insight and perspective should be a shining light to guide other black Americans back to a more sensible ideology, one that’s more centrist than far left.

During his CNBC interview, Johnson says that a 2020 Democrat presidential candidate who hopes to beat Trump in the general election would need to move more to the ideological center. He adds that the Democrat Party needs to “find a message.”

He’s right. How can one tell? Simply ask a fellow liberal what their favorite presidential candidate plans to do for Americans. Prepare for a squirrely, directionless response that is full of hot air.

The correct answer? They have nothing for Americans except to beat Trump.

For years the Democrat Party has had black voters in its back pocket — a guaranteed trump card ready to use every four years. Now as this party lurches further to the left, many long-time supporters feel used and unwanted like a soiled washcloth. Once considered left-wing liberal, many Americans are finding themselves welcomed by the conservative right. There’s your party switch.

So voting Democrats, honestly ask yourselves: Is this what you deserve? Is your allegiance to your party so strong that you’d give up a strong economy? Is mediocrity what we are striving for? Is this even the same party your parents and grandparents supported for decades?

Fortunately, more liberals and moderates are opening their eyes to see this tempting mirage of “free stuff” for what it really is — a desert of empty promises.