The Patriot Post® · Monday Short Cuts

By Political Editors ·

The Gipper: “We did not seek the role of leadership that has been thrust upon us. But whether we like it or not, the events of our time demand America’s participation.” —Ronald Reagan

For the record: “I don’t believe the four Congresswomen are capable of loving our Country. They should apologize to America (and Israel) for the horrible (hateful) things they have said. They are destroying the Democrat Party, but are weak & insecure people who can never destroy our great Nation!” —President Donald Trump

Alpha Jackass: “[Trump’s] a lot more George Wallace than George Washington.” —Joe Biden

Alpha Jackass II: “The reality is [Trump] is a guy who is worse than a racist. He’s actually using racist tropes and racial language for political gain, trying to use this as a weapon to divide our nation against itself and this is somebody who is very similar to George Wallace.” —Sen. Cory Booker

Non Compos Mentis: “I know everybody always describes me as being rich. That is not how I see myself.” —billionaire Tom Steyer

Leftspeak: “The Apollo 11 mission patch: No American flag. No space hardware. No Astronaut names. In that regard, unique among space emblems. Affirmation that walking on the Moon was an achievement of the human species, to be shared by all.” —Neil deGrasse Tyson

And last… “[The] issue is not that [Ilhan] Omar is merely a Muslim. It is that she is an Islamist fellow traveler. Despite Washington’s best efforts, Americans grasp the difference between (a) Islam as a personal religious affiliation and (b) sharia supremacism as an anti-Western political ideology. They don’t see Omar as simply a Muslim. They see someone who is hard-wired to blame the United States for jihadist terrorism. They see someone who is steeped in anti-Semitism, and indistinguishable from her Muslim Brotherhood friends in hostility to Israel’s existence.” —Andrew McCarthy