Color of Skin or Content of Character?

What if Americans understood the differences between color and culture?

Willie Richardson · Jul. 24, 2019

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” This famous quote by Dr. Martin Luther King was spoken at a time when prejudice, hatred, and skin-color tension were at an all-time high. I didn’t say “racial tension” for a reason. You see, race isn’t a skin color, nor is it a state of mind. Race is mankind; humankind. The fake definition of race in America is skin color. This false sense of pride has been utilized to start wars and rumors of wars. Humankind has been used in this ignorant and sick ploy.

Dr. King was speaking about how he wanted his own children (Yolanda Denise, Martin Luther III, Dexter Scott, and Bernice Albertine) to be judged by their character content, not their melanin count. This was seemingly a less-than-complicated idea that King had — that skin color in no way drives character and character in no way correlates to skin color. Have we become so blind to the fact that the way one behaves is totally on their character and not their skin color? To define behaviors such as customs, language, food, music, clothing, or family you must understand culture. Culture is not a person’s skin color and it never will be.

Nonetheless, whatever worldview you believe determines how you respond to the world around you. Consider these two “racial” worldviews:

“You are not black, they are not white. Your skin colors are different shadows of brown, but this doesn’t define who you are. You are unique because of different backgrounds, beliefs, experiences, and cultures. I only made one race; Human. You are all human.” —God

“You are black and they are white. You are different because the white man used Christianity to steal your land and culture while oppressing you. The black man is going to revolt against you. The white man’s ice is colder than the black man’s ice. Take revenge and get even with one another. Whites are racists. Blacks are inferior.” —Satan

To erase the dream Dr. King had for his four children is simple in America. Just make people think monolithically, forbidding any outside-the-box critical thinking. Once they think the same, create a media machine that consistently tells them what to think and how to think. Because of the monolithic thinking they won’t question media messages and will believe they are thinking for themselves. Most devastatingly, teach their children that their Creator is just “the man upstairs” and that Santa Claus is coming to town and down the chimney. Make them identify with a color and not a culture. Teach them that speaking and acting right comes from their external skin color, not their inner spirit, mind, and soul.

Many people can’t even enjoy a reasonable conversation due to skin-color tensions. It’s as if Dr. King’s dream hasn’t been realized. What if Americans understood the differences between COLOR and CULTURE? “Race” baiting, identity politics, and victimhood would cease to exist.

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