The Patriot Post® · 'Why I'm a Never Trumper!'

By Roger Helle ·

Bet I got your attention with that statement. My bad! But, in reality, I am a supporter of Donald Trump. I have to admit, during the 2016 primary, I was NOT a Trump supporter. There were other candidates I would have preferred to become president before Donald Trump.

But, when it came down to the general election, my choices were either Trump or Hillary Clinton! There was no way I was going to vote for Clinton.

I was a criminal investigator during my time in the Marine Corps. I had a secret clearance. Obviously, we did not have email back then. But if I would have compromised any official documents like Clinton did, I would have been spending time in Ft. Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary. However, she suffered no consequences for her handling of top secret documents. So, in essence, I was voting for what I believed was the lesser of two evils.

I’m going to be perfectly honest here. I knew Trump was not a person of sterling character. He most definitely lacked in character and integrity. After 40 years leading a faith-based ministry, integrity and character are very important to me. While President Trump lacked these qualities, his shortcomings paled compared to Clinton, in my opinion. She already made it clear, if we supported Trump, we were nothing but a “basket of deplorables!”

However, the past two years have been amazing. Now, let me say there have been times I wished he would not respond to his critics the way he does. I wished he would not say things on social media like he does. But, after two and a half years of constant 24/7 negative coverage, much of it being trumped up (pun intended), I am not as bothered as I once was.

President Trump has done what no president in my memory has done. He kept his campaign promises. The economy is humming along. Unemployment is the lowest in years, especially among African-Americas, Hispanics, Asians, and women. Jobs that Obama said were gone forever came back? Go figure! I guess Trump waved that magic wand Obama said he would need.

Recently I wrote that I believe Trump was sent to Washington to be a disruptor. Sometimes I “wish” he would not say things like he does. But hey, the media will never stop distorting his remarks, his actions, and his motives. They can say things and get away with it. Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley made comments regarding black, brown, Muslim, and gay faces that would have destroyed a Republican’s career. Yet identity politics and hate mongering is all Democrats have.

The “resistance” has done a great job of resisting Trump; like keeping money from being sent to the border to help with the humanitarian crisis they created (establishment Republicans, you own some of the blame as well). Then they blame President Trump for the results of their obstruction.

I can put up with a loud, brash, arrogant president because he loves America, is not afraid to stand up to the mainstream media, and can give it just as hard as they give it to him. Unless something drastic happens, I will be a Trump supporter in 2020.

Something to think about?