Why #iSupport45: The Black Conservative Uprising Is Upon Us

These issues of the hour define why so many black people are finally walking away.

Patrick Hampton · Aug. 19, 2019

In the wake of the 2020 election is an upsurge of black conservatives — many of them former Democrats who were left behind by the new socialist party. With this comes a new hashtag movement as black Trump supporters lead the #iSupport45 campaign — though anyone and everyone who embraces American values under our sitting president is covered under the banner of this campaign.

Is this another party “switch”? Why are black people turning away? Because Democrats have precipitated a mean streak of mistakes as they attempt to pander to their beloved voter bloc. Meanwhile, black people are fed up with seeing smiling faces during election season, only to get the cold shoulder thereafter.

The reasoning behind #iSupport45 continues to grow each day, but these issues of the hour define why so many black people are finally walking away.

1.) Baltimore’s Crisis — The Apex of Zero Accountability

The dire situation in Baltimore takes center stage in light of President Trump’s painfully valid statements about the city’s poorest, most run-down communities. But the Left saw this as an opportunity to portray Trump’s commentary in a racist light. Little do leftists realize how this has cast a shadow upon the desperate living conditions of the black community. As transparent as glass, we see through this charade, as anyone who loves the black community would argue Trump is right to address this crisis. Instead, blacks are — once again — given excuses and justifications as to why nothing needs to be done and only white people are to blame (despite having a black mayor).

I let out a sigh of relief knowing that the people of Baltimore are speaking out. In one viral video, a lady expressed her dismay for the living conditions in her Baltimore neighborhood while praising Trump for calling attention to a situation that would otherwise be swept under the rug of Democrat leadership. This is why we support 45.

2.) Gun Control — Shooting Down Black Protection

The debate surrounding gun control is riding a new wave, with each shooting or gun-related incident being used as an excuse to pass more gun regulations. But who does this really harm? With gang activity being at the epicenter of many black urban communities, gun ownership is actually an answer to their woes. Knowing this, why wouldn’t gun ownership — a time-honored means to protect oneself — be encouraged? Instead, progressives push further to the left to pressure legislators to pass more gun regulations.

This only serves one purpose — to punish our good guys with guns while rewarding criminals. Until these progressives lie awake at night with crime happening outside their front door, they’ll never understand why the gun-control narrative does more harm than good. For many black Americans, Grandma’s Glock is their one shining hope.

3.) Illegal Immigration — Are We Voting for Our Replacements?

The first 2020 Democrat presidential debate spoke volumes — much of it in the Spanish language. But not a word was spoken about the needs of black Americans. Many watched the broadcast hoping for an answer to their concerns, only to witness pandering to people illegally crossing the border. As all hands went up when asked if the candidates supported health care for “migrant families,” a giant hand slapped the entire black American population despite being a reliable voter bloc for nearly half a century.

#iSupport45 because we gave our votes for nothing while entitlements are being guaranteed to people who share no citizenship with us. While I don’t argue the case for slavery reparations, none of us would have expected the collection plate to pass over Americans — black Americans — and go straight to those crossing the border.

The reason why the #iSupport45 movement exists is simple: Democrats failed us repeatedly for generations. It’s as if they no longer know what the black population needs. So it’s time we cut the connection and stand behind a party that puts Americans — including black Americans — first.

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