Trigger Warnings

Today's "woke" "progressives" would never invite Martin Luther King to speak at a college.

Willie Richardson · Aug. 21, 2019

If Dr. King were alive today his famous “I Have a Dream” speech would be politically incorrect. There are so many trigger words that he used that Progressives today would chew him up and spit him out. His speech would have to include every nuance of gender conformity imaginable. Whatever happened to the America when your words didn’t have to be minced? What happened to the nation that fought for freedom of speech? What happened to the nation whose freedoms are being celebrated in Hong Kong instead of the States? The following 21st Century rendition of Dr. King’s speech is a tasteless reminder of how far away we’ve gone to be politically correct.

*But one hundred years later, the African American still is not free. One hundred years later, the life of the Black American is still sadly maligned by the manacles of white flight, gentrification and the chains of underemployment and marginalization. One hundred years later, the African American lives on a lonely island of urban gun violence and poverty in the midst of a vast ocean of capitalism. One hundred years later, the African American is still estranged in the corners of American society and finds himself incarcerated unjustly while police brutality runs rampantly. I stopped dreaming because today I am “Woke.” I am conscious! I believe that my four little children will soon live in a utopia where they will not be judged by their gender, transgender, spectrum gender, non-binary, Agender, Demigender, Genderqueer, trigger warnings, socioeconomics, demographics, sexual orientation, or color of their skin. However, they will be judged by their oppression, offenses, and victim mentalities.

Waves of media attention tell us that college students are demanding that professors provide so-called “trigger warnings” to flag material that might cause distress or discomfort, or possibly trigger a panic attack in students with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). These “trigger warnings” were originally intended to warn students about graphic descriptions of sexual violence, but have morphed into including race, sexual orientation, disability, colonialism, torture, and other topics. We have produced a bunch of whiny young adults that have mistaken freedom of speech for freedom of offense. Dr. King would never be invited to speak at a university today.

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