The Patriot Post® · Leftmedia Uses 'Ecofascism' Charge to Protect Ecofascism

By Jordan Candler ·

Earlier this year, an assailant in Christchurch, New Zealand, murdered 51 people. The attack precipitated a significant tightening of firearm regulations in that country, which is the inevitable outcome when political leaders don’t respect unalienable rights. More recently, another assailant in El Paso, Texas, slew 22 people. That and other domestic attacks have further triggered gun-control rhetoric and measures here in the U.S. from leftists who couldn’t care less about our unalienable rights.

“The accused [assailants] took pains to explain their fury, including their hatred of immigrants,” according to The Washington Post. But unbeknownst to many, “The statements that authorities think the men posted online share another obsession: overpopulation and environmental degradation.” The Post then adds, “The two mass shootings appear to be extreme examples of ecofascism.”

Steven Hayward observes, “How charming: the left has belatedly discovered something conservatives have known for 50 years or more — that environmentalism, especially in its dominant ideological forms, is prone to fascism.”

In fact, we in our humble shop have been using the term “ecofascist” and/or “ecofascism” for some time now — but in a way that’s much different from the Post’s application. The Post suggests that droves of “white supremacists have latched onto environmental themes, drawing connections between the protection of nature and racial exclusion. These ideas have shown themselves to be particularly dangerous when adopted by unstable individuals prone to violence and convinced they must take drastic actions to stave off catastrophe.”

In essence, the Post is asserting that “the mainstream environmental movement [that] has moved strongly in the direction of social justice” is being hijacked. To be clear, said assailants most assuredly had racist views, and there’s no defending those views. However, the purpose of the Washington Post piece is to insulate the totalitarianism of the real ecofascist movement that seeks to destroy capitalism, redistribute Americans’ wealth, and, yes, depopulate the planet. It’s destruction by alternative means.

“The key thing to understand here is that ecofascism is more an expression of white supremacy than it is an expression of environmentalism,” claims Friends of the Earth’s Michelle Chan. Nothing could be more distorted and further from the truth.