A Space Cadet Lovers' Quarrel

It's the next frontier for the gender confused — hacking and robbery in space.

Mark Alexander · Sep. 3, 2019

From the “(Space) Theater of the Absurd” comes this latest entry into the annals of the gender confused.

In case you missed this one, federal officials are investigating NASA astronaut Anne McClain for felony bank fraud after her “wife,” Summer Worden, noted irregularities in her bank records. Worden notified NASA’s Office of Inspector General that McClain had hacked Worden’s account.

So why NASA? Because the hacking is alleged to have occurred earlier this year from 250 miles into space, when McClain was the flight engineer aboard the International Space Station. (If true, then McClain must not be NASA’s brightest star.)

Apparently McClain and Worden are separating and in the midst of a contested child-custody dispute. According to Worden’s complaint, McClain accessed her account as part of a “highly calculated and manipulated campaign” to gain control of Worden’s son. According to McLean, “We’ve been going through a painful, personal separation that’s now unfortunately in the media.” And what did she expect?

As with all such sordid relationships with children caught in the crossfire, we have boundless compassion for the children.

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