The Patriot Post® · Prof Penalized for Exposing Bogus Gender Studies

By Culture Beat ·

When one can’t tell the difference between that which is genuine and that which is fake, one may need to reevaluate one’s knowledge of the subject matter in question. However, when the subject matter in question is itself farcical, can there really be any objective standard by which to determine what is “genuine”? This was the question a Portland State University professor of philosophy sought to answer. The professor, Peter Boghossian, and some colleagues created a series of hoax papers on women’s and gender studies that they then submitted to prominent academic publications to see whether they would be published.

Boghossian wanted to highlight the lack of any genuine academic rigor and objectivity within the vacuous field of “gender studies.” He sought to demonstrate this reality by attempting to get obviously hoax studies published simply because he asserted that they were genuine. Some of these hoax studies included a literal rewrite of Mein Kampf using feminist language, while another paper claimed that “dog parks are petri dishes for canine rape culture.”

Only after these hoax papers were published with no questions asked did Boghossian and his colleagues reveal their ruse. Having been exposed for the dubious and nonacademic nature of gender studies, these peer-reviewed academic journals deservedly received great public embarrassment. Boghossian had uncovered a massive academic fraud.

But that’s not how the administration at Portland State nor the gender studies pseudo-academic professors saw things.

As James Silberman at The Resurgent explains, “In July, Mark McLellan, Portland State’s vice president for research and graduate studies, sent the results of the investigators’ findings to Boghossian, informing him that the charge of animal abuse, along with bogus charges of plagiarism had been dropped, but that he was being formally disciplined for ‘violations of human subjects’ rights and protections.‘ According to McLellan and the investigators, submitting a hoax paper is a violation of the rights of the recipients of the submission.”

So because Boghossian exposed gender studies as pseudo science, it is he who will be punished. Leave it to the Left to turn everything on its head, though. McLellan ludicrously asserts, “I believe the results of this office’s review of your research behavior raises concerns regarding a lack of academic integrity, questionable ethical behavior and employee breach of rules. Therefore, a copy of this letter and its attachments are being sent to your supervisory ranks of department chair, dean, and provost. Additionally, as a part of the completion of this review, I am copying the president on this matter.”

Evidently, Boghossian is now mulling his next move. But suffice it to say, regardless of his methods, one simply mustn’t point out that the emperor has no clothes.