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Democrats Haven't Really Changed in 160 Years

In fact, you might say today's Democrats are exactly what Abraham Lincoln faced.

Robin Smith · Sep. 9, 2019

The third debate featuring the Democrats presidential hopefuls is this Thursday, Sept. 12. Americans are told, and daily reminded, that today’s Democrat Party is not your father’s or grandfather’s Democrat Party. Emphasizing how progressive today’s partisans are that have abandoned the more “center” positions in the Center-Left is the rage. But in many ways, today’s Democrat Party absolutely is the party of the great-great grandfathers who were Democrats.

The 10 candidates with at least 2% support in recent polls will be in Houston, Texas, facing questions from ABC’s George Stephanopoulus. They will predictably aim to outwork each other to hold the hardest left positions on socialism, free health insurance, eliminating student debt, a universal wage — with and without work — gun restrictions, reduced sentencing for crimes, open borders, sanctuary cities protecting illegal immigrants and any number of issues.

These topics will be as various shades painted on the canvass of identity politics stretched tightly to saturate all the applications of tint that distinguishes divisions by race and class warfare … just like the 1860s.

What? How are today’s Democrats the same as those Abraham Lincoln faced as the first president of the newborn Republican Party?

Let’s take a little stroll down history lane — the one that’s so endangered of being rewritten by those of the partisan Left working feverishly to leave the origins of their party behind. In Dinesh D'Souza’s book, Death of a Nation, he cites the words of Abraham Lincoln from a Sept. 11, 1858 speech, almost 161 years ago to the day.

Lincoln declared in his debate against the slavery-defending Democrat Stephen Douglas: “The Republican Party holds that this government was instituted to secure the blessings of freedom, and that slavery is an unqualified evil to the Negro, to the white man, to the soil, and to the State. … They will use every constitutional method to prevent the evil from becoming larger and … will oppose, in all its length and breadth, the modern Democratic idea, that slavery is as good as freedom, and ought to have room for expansion all over the continent. This is the difference, as I understand it between Republican and Democratic Parties.”

Now, substitute a few words, and understand the point. Today, this could be said out of the mouth of Lincoln as a candidate for president as a Republican: “The Republican Party holds that this government was instituted to secure the blessings of freedom, and that enforced government dependency is an unqualified evil to all Americans — regardless of race, gender or ethnicity — and even to the very land that is America. Republicans will use every constitutional method available to prevent this evil of dependency from becoming larger and will oppose, in all its length and breadth, the modern Democratic idea, that being dependent upon the government — for your rights, your income, your identity, your property, everything — is as good as freedom, and ought to have room for expansion all over the continent. This, indeed, is the difference between the Republican and Democratic Parties.”

As Americans hear and see the various candidates running to serve in county courthouses, state houses, and in the White House, compare the messages and the philosophies from which the policy positions originate. Do candidates honor the truth that we are* created* equal — not born equal? At the moment of creation, in the mother’s womb, life has value.

Do candidates honor and observe that equality comes from the standing we have as a created being endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights, among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Or, instead, do American voters hear that as citizens we’re endowed and kept by a government with certain rights afforded by the that same government and exist in a state of enforced dependence on said government?

Do voters hear that governments have no money except the money paid into the treasury by law-abiding working, productive citizens that should be stewarded to provide for the national defense and the common welfare under the enumerated powers of the U.S. Constitution and the respective State constitutions? Or, in contrast will voters continue to hear that government will cancel debt, provide those who don’t even work a basic income and ensure that the need to be self-reliant is removed since an individual has all needs met through the power and spending of the government?

The greatest threat to the Democrat Party, of both the North and the South, in the Civil War and during the Reconstruction Era was a citizenry — regardless of race — that understood their unalienable rights were protected by a government that honored their created equality, not doled out as an entitlement, and destroyed the enforced dependency of the slave plantation.

Today, the greatest threat to the Democrat Party is when citizens understand the same and live in a self-reliant manner — working, keeping one’s own money, observing the enumerated rights of the Constitution and our Creator, providing for our families, and seeking a better life.

The elections of 2020 are really simple. Voters will choose between enforced dependency on the government or self-reliance based on authentic Liberty, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or other identifying factors. Americans can choose to live free.

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