Good News

Good News Topics Are Good Media

"If the media want to attract audiences, they don't necessarily need to only show negative content."

Culture Beat · Sep. 10, 2019

“Turn on the news tonight and you’ll be bombarded with gloomy stories. You’ll hear about disasters and human suffering, political scandals and environmental destruction. Maybe there will be some good news sandwiched in there — a piece on an exciting new scientific discovery, perhaps, or a profile of a talented young musician. But overall, news coverage is predominantly negative.”

“Why is that the case? Ultimately, of course, journalists decide what stories and issues receive coverage. But they are also catering to the demands of their audience — and it seems that we respond most to negative stories.”

“But not all of us. A recent international study in PNAS looking at people’s physiological responses to news reports has found that overall we do seem to have greater reactions to negative stories. However, there is so much variation in how different people respond, say the researchers, that there may be a bigger market for positive stories than journalists often realise.”

Read more at Research Digest.

As a side note, The Patriot Post has made an effort to promote good news stories each Tuesday and Thursday for this very reason.

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