The Patriot Post® · Wealthy Warren's Rich Wall Street Hypocrisy

By Political Editors ·

Democrat presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren loves to tout herself as an activist for the lower and middle classes, never failing to denounce the wealthy and those “evil” corporations. This past January, for example, Warren blamed Wall Street for controlling the economy and said that she planned “to hold those executives personally liable.” How? “I’m talking handcuffs and perp walks.” The reality, however, is that Warren is as much a part of the “problem” as those Wall Street executives she incessantly blames.

In a recent Washington Post op-ed, former Democrat Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell called Warren out, writing, “I like Elizabeth Warren. I like her a lot. Too bad she’s a hypocrite.” Rendell, who supports Joe Biden, goes on to explain, “The senator appears to be trying to have it both ways — get the political upside from eschewing donations from higher-level donors and running a grass-roots campaign, while at the same time using money obtained from those donors in 2018.” As National Review notes, “He cites a recent New York Times report which revealed that Warren transferred $10.4 million from her senate reelection fund into her presidential campaign fund, $6 million of which came from donations of over $1,000.”

In other words, like her phony claims of Native American heritage, Warren is no more a member of the middle class than is President Donald Trump. Warren’s net worth is estimated to be as high as $10.6 million, putting her comfortably within the wicked 1%. Yet she has the gall to accuse Wall Street execs of being “freeloaders.” Meanwhile, Warren campaigns on rescinding Trump’s across-the-board tax cuts to fund her socialist agenda. These are the whims of a class warrior and an opportunistic demagogue, not a candidate committed to protecting the Liberty and constitutional rights of all Americans.