The Patriot Post® · Will the Left Cancel Civil Rights?

By Patrick Hampton ·

Why are black leftists so eager to sip from the “colored only” water fountain again? Let’s compare how their latest efforts are unraveling the patchwork of civil rights in America.

It took several generations, if not a century, for Americans to enjoy equality through what we know today as the Civil Rights Movement, but one political ideology is chiseling away at our forefathers’ efforts right before our very eyes.

Let mainstream media tell it and they’ll cry out that it’s extremist right-wing white America that’s attempting to restore the Jim Crow era. But the ones seeking single-race schools and openly lobbing racial slurs at others aren’t of the ethnic persuasion you’re led to believe.

In her fiery column in The Atlantic, sports commentator Jemele Hill complains about the state of college athletics programs, urging black student athletes to seek attendance at historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). Hill celebrates the indisputable influence and power of black student athletes and at the same time rebukes their decision to attend the school of their choice.

Here’s what she fails to acknowledge; The road to success, fame and wealth has been paved by none other than integration. With segregation aside, aspiring black student athletes take their talent wherever they please. And for those who become professional athletes, the freedom to choose their university is the one-way ticket out of poverty that, sadly, many HBCUs cannot provide by way of athletics.

Brown v. Board of Education made this possible. To be upset about where black students take their talent is to return to the wrong side of history.

But this attempt to rebuke civil rights efforts doesn’t stop at the end zone. This toxic racist culture has long since infiltrated many areas, to include “black” churches and other business establishments that are unwelcome — albeit informally and indirectly — to people with fairer skin. We live in a society where it’s okay to use the c-word but unacceptable for certain people to use the n-word. Today, some believe white teachers are no longer good enough to teach black students. It’s as if the Civil Rights Movement never even happened.

If we truly want an honest discussion about race, then let’s ask ourselves: Is segregation okay so long as black people ask for it? If so, then Democrats will have succeeded in their plot to keep black people at an arm’s distance — but just within reach when voting season comes around. Déjà vu, anyone?

In terms of politics, leftists talk about a “party switch,” but what we’re actually experiencing is a “color switch.” Under the white hood of the Left, racism now has a black face; civility with their fellow man is the cross they burn.