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17-Year-Old Activist Is 'Left's Youngest Nightmare'

The way you advance in this world ... is by putting in the work, grinding real hard."

Culture Beat · Sep. 17, 2019

“CJ Pearson says he has been conservative since second grade. Now a senior in high school, Pearson has gained national attention for his conservative activism. On today’s episode of The Daily Signal Podcast, Pearson, 17, shares why he is fighting back against left-wing policies.”

“I think that what’s so important more now than ever is for people my age to rise up and speak out. Our country is at a crossroads where we will really have to decide what type of nation we want to be. Do we want to be a nation of open borders, of socialism, or a country where babies are allowed to be aborted post-birth?”

“I think the answer to that question is ‘no.’ And I think that the only way that we ensure that that answer remains ‘no’ is by being vocal, by being active, by being involved, and by ensuring that this next generation of Americans knows that conservatism is not the dirty word that their teacher said it was. It’s not the dirty word that Taylor Swift said it was. It’s something that is intrinsic to what it means to be an American. It’s a reflection of the values of our Founding Fathers who did the most audacious thing when they set out to found this country so that we could self-govern, which is one of the hardest things for any civilized society to do, but we’ve done it.”

Listen to the full episode or read a lightly edited transcript at The Daily Signal.

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