The Patriot Post® · Democrats Target Three Villains

By Political Editors ·

Democrats have a two-pronged approach to the 2020 election: One, relentlessly pitch socialist income redistribution and rule-making; Two, offer valiant opposition to the “villains” of the Right.

The second prong is divided among three of these so-called villains, conveniently representing the three branches of government. We’ve known since the moment Donald Trump won the 2016 election that the Left has been beset with a serious case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. The president will remain the biggest target, as is evidenced by the never-ending impeachment charade.

This week’s fallacious smear of Brett Kavanaugh in The New York Times reveals that the Supreme Court justice will serve as a stand-in for the Left’s judicial villain. Trashing him last year wasn’t good enough. Millions of Americans swallowed hard and voted for Trump in 2016 because of his promise to nominate constitutionalist judges to the courts, but leftists are clearly banking on motivating their own base by painting Trump’s judicial appointees as evil and impeachable.

With an executive and judicial villain, the third may now be obvious: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Democrats will never forgive McConnell for outmaneuvering them in blocking Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nomination of Merrick Garland in 2016, while stewarding Neil Gorsuch through the process to take the late Antonin Scalia’s seat. But they also find McConnell to be a convenient scapegoat over gun legislation. “Lives are at stake,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi insisted, but “Senator McConnell is standing in the way” of passing gun control. “People are dying because Senator McConnell hasn’t acted.”

You’ll notice a common theme in vilifying each man: Leftist lies. Virtually nothing they say about any of the three is true.

We in our humble shop are old enough to remember when Democrats like the Clintons regularly decried “the politics of personal destruction,” all while specializing in it. Today’s Democrats are merely carrying on the sorry tradition of the party by leveling personal insults and blame against key Republican figures in all three branches of the federal government.