The Patriot Post® · The Trump-Kavanaugh Do-Over

By Gary Bauer ·

Since the left has decided to rekindle the Kavanaugh controversy, I’d like to make a few observations.

The New York Times was forced to retreat from its “bombshell accusation” lobbed at Justice Kavanaugh over the weekend. A correction was issued noting that the alleged victim does not recall any events like those described in the Times’s report.

This was not new news. The Washington Post refused to publish these baseless allegations last year. But apparently The New York Times is now in the garbage recycling business. Even CNN blasted the Times fiasco as “the latest in a series of high-profile blunders.”

But the story had the desired effect. The Resistance is once again fired up. It promised when Kavanaugh was confirmed in 2018 that the battle was not over. Now it has its excuse to attack again. Multiple progressive presidential candidates are demanding that Kavanaugh be kicked off the Supreme Court. Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) filed articles of impeachment yesterday. Others are calling on Kavanaugh to resign.

Let’s be absolutely clear about this: None of the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh were ever proven. Many were later recanted. So why is the left refighting this lost battle?

Because it refuses to accept the results of the last election. It refuses to accept the legitimacy of a conservative Supreme Court. (Here and here.) And apparently because it has nothing to lose by smearing and lying about Justice Kavanaugh.

There is clear evidence of perjury … by Kavanaugh’s accusers. But the people who lied and who smeared Brett Kavanaugh have so far escaped justice. As I noted, many of the allegations against him were later recanted. False statements were filed with the Senate Judiciary Committee. There were referrals to the FBI. Yet to the best of my knowledge no one was ever prosecuted. The failure to prosecute these lies and smears only encourages the left to lie and cheat again. And if progressives retake the Senate, they will try to take Kavanaugh out.