The Patriot Post® · 'Whistleblower' Targets Trump but Hits Biden

By Thomas Gallatin ·

Why does the Ukraine phone-call scandal feel eerily similar to Russia-gate? It’s almost as if those same anti-Trump players are hitting the replay button. An unnamed member of the U.S. intelligence community “blows a whistle” against President Donald Trump over a private phone conversation he had with a foreign leader, alleging that Trump made a “problematic promise.” Ah, the whiff of collusion with a foreign leader, this time with Ukraine’s president, as Trump targeted a political opponent. And, as with the Russia hoax, Democrats and the Leftmedia are all too eager to condemn Trump as guilty as they demand his impeachment without any evidence yet produced.

For starters, it has now been learned that this “whistleblower” did not have direct access to the phone conversation in question; rather, CNN reports, he or she “learned information that was not obtained during the course of their work.” So, this individual blew the whistle over information he or she learned secondhand rather than through direct knowledge. Consider us skeptical. How did this “whistleblower” come across this information in the first place? Should it not be concerning to every American that our president cannot have confidence that his private phone conversations remain private — not only to prevent them from being exploited by his political opponents but also for the sake of national security?

And now turning to the actual developing scandal that has Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden squarely in its crosshairs. A scandal that, ironically, he brought to light himself.

Back in May, to demonstrate his tough foreign-relations bona fides, Biden regaled us with the tale of how, as vice president, he demanded that Ukraine fire its then-top prosecutor for what Biden alleged was significant corruption. Biden warned that the U.S. would withhold $1 billion in loan guarantees if Ukraine did not follow through on his demand. Lo and behold, the prosecutor was fired and Ukraine got its loan deal.

That’s where Biden conveniently ended his story, but here’s where the twist comes in: The prosecutor in question was at the time leading an investigation into one of Ukraine’s largest natural-gas companies, Burisma Holdings, which just happened to have sitting on its board of directors one Hunter Biden, Joe’s son. After the prosecutor was fired, the investigation was ended. There is at the very least an air of corruption swirling around this event and it’s not likely to dissipate anytime soon.

Finally, who’s the biggest winner in all this? Elizabeth Warren, who is certain to take advantage of Biden’s suddenly exposed position as she trumpets herself as the Great Corruption Fighter of our time.