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Vet Competes in IRONMAN to Honor 12 Fallen Soldiers

"I do it partially because of who they were and what they did for us and our country."

Culture Beat · Oct. 1, 2019

On Sunday, U.S. Army veteran Max Timmons competed in the 144.6 mile Chattanooga Ironman race in 13.5 hours. What makes his effort special is that he dedicated his race to the 12 comrades he lost in combat in Iraq in 2007. “Many call it crazy, but for Timmons, he sees the challenge as an opportunity.”

“‘When you’re in bad conditions in sand storms and think can this get worse? Yeah, it probably can and it did,’ said Timmons.”

“Timmons flew Blackhawk helicopters for the Army. His two recent tours in Iraq taught him how to endure obstacles. But no amount of training could prepare him for January 2007.”

Read more about that hard and fateful day at News Channel 9.

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