The Patriot Post® · Sanders and Warren, Socialism and Fascism

By Lewis Morris ·

In the game of primary politics, presidential candidates have to differentiate themselves for the voters, even if they’re cut from the same ideological cloth. Take two big names in the race for the Democrat nomination, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Both are statist lackeys of the far Left, dedicated to shredding (“fundamentally transforming”) the Constitution and instituting a People’s Republic of the United States. Or is it the United Soviet States of America? So, if you are useful idiot, how do you choose between the two?

Sanders, who has been falling behind Warren in the polls, especially after his health issues, tried to put some daylight between himself and his leftist rival. He attempted to use her own quote against her, saying, “She is a capitalist through her bones.” But only a socialist would think that calling someone a capitalist would be a mark against them. The trouble is Warren is no capitalist.

Warren has called for a whole host of tax hikes, including significantly raising taxes on upper income families and individuals to pay for universal childcare. She has called for canceling student-loan debt and making college “free.” She supports a $15 federal minimum wage. Warren wants to make fracking illegal, break up large agricultural businesses, and put multibillion-dollar companies under the control of the federal government. This among a whole pile of steaming leftist manure that includes government-run healthcare, abolishing the Electoral College, opening the borders, slashing the military, and rejecting the USMCA trade pact in favor of greater labor and environmental concessions.

Does this sound like someone who is a capitalist through her bones? Didn’t think so.

Warren and Sanders are both hardcore leftists, but while Sanders is a socialist, Warren is arguably more of a fascist.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is assuming that fascism is an ideology of the far Right. It is not. That is a deliberate falsehood spun by leftists going back 80 years — and it’s meant solely to distance themselves from the actions of Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler. These two fascist dictators were initially embraced by the Left for their statist views — until they started gobbling up Europe and killing people for ethnic reasons. Socialists couldn’t publicly support them after that, so they rewrote them as creatures of the political Right. It’s one of the more bizarre BIG Lies, but that’s what public “education” will get you.

Let’s take a moment to set the record straight.

Socialism is defined by state ownership of the means of production and distribution of goods and services. Fascism is defined by the state control of the economy, while the means of production remains in private hands. When we talk about state control of anything, we are talking about the left side of the political spectrum. The greater the control a government exhibits, the further left it is politically. Ergo, socialism and fascism are right next to each other on the spectrum, not on opposite ends of it.

On the right side of the political spectrum is capitalism, which is private ownership and private control. If you travel further right on the political spectrum, how would you arrive at state control of the economy? You don’t.

Make no mistake, though. Elizabeth Warren is no more a capitalist than Chinese President Xi Jinping is a champion of human rights.

Warren is a fascist because she advocates for government control of large corporations and heavy taxation to keep those corporate interests in line. She wants to use the economy as a cudgel to force people in line behind her policies. Every policy position she holds embraces the concept of government control over the citizenry. Keep that in mind as the media sings the “Warren for President” mantra, or as she and Sanders both try to convince voters that she’s just another “capitalist” vying for the socialist vote.