The Patriot Post® · GLAAD Demands Even More 'LGBTQ' TV Characters

By Lewis Morris ·

GLAAD — which used to be an acronym for “Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation” until that wasn’t “inclusive” enough — recently released its “Where We Are on TV” report, the 15th annual piece of propaganda the organization uses to track gender-confused characters on American television programs. GLAAD leverages the report to shame entertainment producers into creating programming with ever more “LGBTQ” characters. Of course, Hollywood isn’t exactly resisting.

Each year, GLAAD uses its questionable methodology to count the number of gender-confused characters on TV and compare that to the number of actual gay, lesbian, bisexual, etc. people in the population. The trouble is that the organization consistently and deliberately overestimates the number of gender-confused people.

The 2019 GLAAD report leans heavily on a Harris Poll claiming that 12% of respondents identified as “LGBTQ” — including 20% of respondents between 18-34. These numbers diverge from a more reputable study by the Williams Institute at UCLA Law School that suggests the number of gender-confused people in America is closer to 3.5%, or nine million Americans. That report also estimates that roughly 700,000 people are so-called “transgender.”

This is a far cry from what GLAAD would have us believe, which is why studies like those performed by the Williams Institute are frequently attacked by the Rainbow Mafia. Such studies don’t comport with the false narrative of a burgeoning homosexual population.

One result of this skewing of the facts is that Americans vastly overestimate the number of sexual deviants in the U.S. Gallup issued a report earlier this year that shows Americans believe the gender-disoriented population is up to five times larger than it is in reality. Women and young adults are usually more off-base in their estimates than adult males. The study points out that one of the main reasons for this is the “group’s outsized visibility.” Clearly.

This is exactly what the Rainbow Mafia wants. Mafia members push for a greater presence of “LGBTQ” characters on television to push the narrative that not only is that lifestyle more prevalent than it really is, but that it is normative behavior.

For years, we have seen a growing number of “LGBTQ” characters in programs watched by children and young adults. Why a cartoon character’s sexuality should be a subject of discussion (or even exist) in a children’s program is beyond rational understanding. But the Rainbow Mafia, like all leftist groups, goes after the young and impressionable, pushing emotional buttons to encourage them to empathize with — and even emulate — the lives of these gender-confused individuals. This is not about entertainment. It’s about indoctrination.

The ultimate goal of GLAAD and other members of the Rainbow Mafia is the complete breakdown of the traditional family and utter rejection (and criminalization) of Christian values. GLAAD President Sarah Kate Ellis essentially proved this in the 2019 report, laying down the challenge that American television programs should feature at least 20% LGBT characters by 2025. Even by GLAAD’s inflated numbers, that’s nearly twice the number of “LGBTQ” people in the United States today.

The sad news is that this strategy is working. Millennials currently self-report as LGBT at a higher rate than any other demographic, and that statistic rises every year. What is even more troublesome is that a fair portion of this group most likely identifies as gender-confused simply so that they can maintain their “woke” status.

It’s a troubling day in America when people can be convinced to support an agenda that champions a mental illness to the extent that they wish they were mentally ill as well.