Thursday Top News Executive Summary

Impeachment hearing a dud, Deval Patrick jumps in, public-housing GND, and more.

Media Editors · Nov. 14, 2019

Above the Fold

WHO’D A THUNK IT? Heat but no light: First public impeachment hearing a dud (Washington Examiner)

SO SERIOUS: NBCNews.com swoons over drag queen at impeachment circus hearings (NewsBusters)

Government & Politics

REHEARING REJECTED: U.S. appeals court again backs House request for Trump tax documents (Reuters)

NO CONFIDENCE: Ex-Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick announces Democrat presidential bid (Associated Press)

“UNCONSTITUTIONAL BIDDING”: Federal government can’t just allow 3D gunmaking software to proliferate without a license, federal judge declares (Reason)

BIG BROTHER: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders pitch Green New Deal bill for public housing (The Washington Post)

CLOSING IN: China holding “in-depth” talks with U.S. on interim trade deal (Reuters)

National Security

CONSEQUENCES: Trump administration proposes employment restrictions for asylum seekers who enter U.S. illegally (National Review)

CHILDREN EXPLOITED: More than 600 children “recycled” by migrant smugglers at border (The Washington Times)

HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT: FBI’s “lone wolf” report says domestic terrorists are rarely isolated (NBC News)

Closing Arguments

POLICY: How LGBTQ education is gaining in tax-funded schools, from pre-K on up (RealClearInvestigations)

POLICY: A new faith emerges: The religion of climatism (Commentary)

HUMOR: Capitol Building to be decorated as giant circus tent for duration of impeachment hearings (The Babylon Bee)

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