Upcoming Horowitz Report Shows FBI/FISA Shenanigans

"A former FBI lawyer is under criminal investigation after allegedly altering a document..."

Nate Jackson · Nov. 22, 2019

“It doesn’t take 500 pages to tell the inspector general that everything was done properly,” said Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX). “The IG report is going to find that there were problems.”

The IG report Ratcliffe is referencing is that of Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz, planned for release on Dec. 9. “For more than a year and a half,” reports Fox News, “Inspector General Michael Horowitz has been investigating alleged misconduct related to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA, warrants delivered by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC). The Justice Department and FBI obtained warrants in 2016 to surveil Trump adviser Carter Page. It is unclear, at this point, if Page was the only Trump official that the DOJ obtained a FISA warrant against.”

The House and Senate have already determined that the FBI relied far too heavily on the phony Hillary Clinton-funded dossier to obtain the FISA warrant.

In advance of the Horowitz report’s release, CNN, of all places, dropped a bit of a bombshell yesterday, reporting, “A former FBI lawyer is under criminal investigation after allegedly altering a document related to 2016 surveillance of a Trump campaign adviser.” Furthermore, “Horowitz turned over evidence on the allegedly altered document to John Durham, the federal prosecutor appointed early this year by Attorney General William Barr to conduct a broad investigation of intelligence gathered for the Russia probe by the CIA and other agencies, including the FBI. The altered document is also at least one focus of Durham’s criminal probe.” That’s because “the alterations were significant enough to have shifted the document’s meaning.”

The Washington Post insists the alterations “did not affect the overall validity of the surveillance application,” but allow us to remind folks that the phony dossier was at the beginning of the Democrats’ efforts to sink Donald Trump with allegations of Russian collusion. When that didn’t pan out, they opted for impeachment over Trump’s Ukraine call. And it was this same Washington Post that reported at noon on Inauguration Day that “the campaign to impeach President Trump has begun.”

Trump has been the target of an attempted Democrat/Leftmedia/Deep State coup since literally Day One — and that resistance began in earnest from the moment he won the nomination. That attempted coup evidently includes altering forms to bolster FBI investigations. We expect that’s the tip of the iceberg in Horowitz’s full report.

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