The Patriot Post® · Bloomberg 'News' Propagandists

By Thomas Gallatin ·

It’s no secret that the mainstream media leans heavily to the left — a reality that has been even more fully exposed since President Donald Trump won the election. Still, the MSM continues to almost comically feign political independence and objectivity. See, for example, CNN’s hard-leftist host Don Lemon laughably claiming to be an independent. Well, now Bloomberg News has decided to go ahead and pull off its mask of “independent journalism.”

In an internal memo, Bloomberg News Chief Editor John Micklethwait explained that following the entry of the company’s billionaire owner, Michael Bloomberg, into the 2020 Democrat primary, the news outlet would cease doing any investigative journalism into the current crop of Democrat candidates, including Mr. Bloomberg himself. “We will continue our tradition of not investigating Mike (and his family and foundation) and we will extend the same policy to his rivals in the Democratic primaries,” Micklethwait wrote. And will the same courtesy be afforded to Trump? Of course not, as Micklethwait lamely contends that Bloomberg will continue to investigate Trump because his is “the government of the day.” Furthermore, several current members of Bloomberg News’ editorial team will be moved over to Mr. Bloomberg’s 2020 campaign.

Former Bloomberg BusinessWeek editor Megan Murphy blasted the decision, pointedly noting, “This is not journalism.” Media Research Center’s Brent Bozell wondered, “Bloomberg ‘News’ declares it will not investigate Bloomberg or his fellow Democrats, but WILL investigate Trump. If that isn’t a massively illegal in-kind campaign contribution, what is?” And David Martosko, political editor for The Daily Mail, insightfully postulated, “I predict Trump rallies will include this: ‘Is there a Bloomberg reporter back there in the fake news section? They fly on Air Force One every day and chase me around but Little Mike won’t let them investigate ANY Democrats. It’s crooked as hell.’”

In one sense Bloomberg “News” is doing Americans a service. The activists at the outlet just let everyone know that they are not objective reporters but are Democrat Party propagandists. But it’s also worth noting that this is no great deviation from the rest of the media. It’s not as if other Leftmedia outlets are doing anything different from Bloomberg News. They’re just not saying so.