The Patriot Post® · Pelosi Sends Climate Alarmist Virtue Signal

By Thomas Gallatin ·

As the Democrats’ effort to convince the country that President Donald Trump deserves to be impeached falters and is on the verge of backfiring, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi decided it was time to change the subject. So, with a delegation of House Democrats in tow, Pelosi jetted off to the UN’s latest climate summit, known as COP25, in Madrid, Spain. She declared that, despite the fact that Trump initiated our official withdrawal from the dubious 2015 Paris Agreement, the U.S. is “still in.” Pelosi asserted, “By coming here we want to say to everyone we are still in. The United States is still in. Our delegation is here to send a message that Congress’s commitment to take action on the climate crisis is ironclad.”

The Democrats’ favorite boogieman is “climate change,” but they clearly don’t believe it’s real based upon their behavior and proposed “solutions.” Nevertheless, they love to ring the alarm bells, virtue signaling their “commitment” to “save the planet.” Of course, as we have repeatedly noted, the solutions Democrats offer would do nothing to mitigate climate change and in fact would cause greater local ecological damage, while at the same time destroying the American economy — which is their real agenda.

The reality is that since 2007, CO2 emissions have fallen in the U.S. by 14%, thanks in large part to the natural-gas boom from shale fracking, which the ecofascists and Vladimir Putin want to shut down. Furthermore, as of 2017, America’s emissions were 5% lower than in 1990, despite a population increase of at least 75 million. And a majority of Americans recognize that the climate alarmists’ proposed solutions would only lead to less freedom and more government interference in their lives, followed by more suffering. They simply aren’t buying the Democrats’ “solution.”

Hence the climate alarmists’ push to rebrand “climate change” into something that sounds much more dire and imminent. “Global meltdown” or “global melting” are a couple of terms proposed by climate activist Aaron Hall. He explains, “After the global climate strike this past September, I found myself thinking about the terms ‘climate change’ and ‘global warming.’ Are these scientific terms too neutral? Do they do enough to grab attention and inspire people to take action?” While his proposed alternative terms sound silly, Pelosi has clearly bought into the concept, as she emphasized that climate change was a “crisis.” In fact, the term “climate crisis” has increasingly gained traction with the mainstream media. And former Secretary of State John Kerry continues the half-century leftist obsession with treating domestic concerns as warfare, insisting, “We’ve got to treat this like a war.”

The truth is, the Democrats’ problem isn’t with “climate change” or whatever new alarmist term they adopt; it’s with capitalism. This is demonstrated by their continual refusal to praise and recognize the American free-market economy as the most effective means of producing practical solutions to tackle the challenges caused by climate change, all while they turn a blind eye to the planet’s largest polluter, communist China.