The Patriot Post® · Exercising That 'Triggered' Muscle

By Culture Beat ·

Did you hear the one about the exercise-equipment company that made an ad for its product and everyone got angry? In our day and age, when everything is political, it’s no surprise to see the perpetually aggrieved feminists go after this commercial for daring to show a woman enjoying her husband’s gift of an exercise bike. Down with the patriarchy!

If you made it through the 30-second spot above without losing your mind, you might just be a … normal person. Yet somehow “Pelaton” has become a word more Googled than impeachment, because leftists are outraged that (A) a man would dare to buy an already thin woman an exercise bike, and (B) the woman would have the gall to thank him for it. The ad is supposedly “sexist” and “dystopian” and “disturbing” and “creepy” and “bizarre,” among other things.

Matt Walsh hilariously opines, “Why is the wife excited about her Peloton bike? Well, because she’s a character in a Peloton advertisement. It would be quite a bit stranger if she reacted with a polite smile and a look of disappointment in her eyes. This, again, is an advertisement for a product. The people featured in advertisements are typically way more psyched about the advertised product than any normal human would be. Have you ever seen how people act in Pepsi commercials? Contrast that with how you actually respond when you order a Diet Coke and the waiter says, ‘We don’t have Coke products. Pepsi okay?’ No, Pepsi is not okay. Unless you’re being paid by a marketing company to pretend it is.”

The company’s stock plummeted on the controversy, but we’re not sure why. You can’t buy this kind of attention and we have no doubt Peloton will sell more than a few bikes.

In other BREAKING news, commercials are weird. Apparently, this is just dawning on a swath of the American population.