Tuesday Top News Executive Summary

Impeachment articles, NAFTA agreement, John Durham's objections, and more.

Media Editors · Dec. 10, 2019

Above the Fold

THE GREAT REVEAL: House Democrats announced two articles of impeachment Tuesday against President Donald Trump — abuse of power and obstruction of Congress (Associated Press)

“WE’RE GOING TO GO WITH IT”: Democrats, White House reach agreement on revised NAFTA trade pact (Los Angeles Times)

Government & Politics

“WE DO NOT AGREE”: U.S. Attorney John Durham objects to IG findings on Russia probe origins in stunning statement (Fox News)

GEE, WHAT COULD DURHAM BE OBJECTING ABOUT? FBI Director Christopher Wray announces “40 corrective steps” in response to failures detailed in Horowitz report (National Review)

MEASURE TOTALS $738 BILLION: Lawmakers reach deal on massive defense bill, eye Russia, Turkey, China (Reuters)

A $12 BILLION DISPUTE: High Court justices to hear ObamaCare case with billions at stake (The Hill)


DECLINED WITHOUT COMMENT: Supreme Court leaves in place Kentucky abortion law mandating ultrasounds (NBC News)

TRENDING BLUE: Virginians prepare for a Second Amendment battle (National Review)

Other Notables

“CATCH AND RELEASE IS OVER”: Border apprehensions drop for sixth month in a row (The Daily Signal)

“SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE”: China set to roll out Orwellian mass-surveillance tool (The Washington Times)

Closing Arguments

POLICY: How to lower student-loan defaults: Simplify enrollment in income-driven repayment plans (Manhattan Institute)

POLICY: The strategic case for supporting Ukraine (The American Interest)

HUMOR: Trump offers Hunter Biden job in Energy Department based on oil-industry experience (The Onion)

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