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Impeachment Inquisition: Dems Announce Articles of Impeachment

Pelosi and company drop bribery from their nebulous charges of abuse of power and obstruction.

Thomas Gallatin · Dec. 10, 2019

House Democrats are clearly racing to hold their impeachment vote before the end of the year, as Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler announced on Tuesday two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump. In a telling display of the complete partisan nature of this entire impeachment charade, Democrats dropped their once loudly proclaimed allegation of bribery and have settled for the broad and vague charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Once again, no evidence of an actual crime was presented.

Democrats continue to insist that Trump’s request that Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky investigate the allegations of Ukraine’s involvement in 2016 election interference and the corrupt dealings of Joe and Hunter Biden constitutes an abuse of power for personal gain. However, Trump’s request of an investigation was well within his legal authority — irrespective of whether it benefited him politically — per the U.S. treaty with Ukraine on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters, signed by Bill Clinton in 1998 and ratified by Congress in 2000. This fact only serves to underline how baseless the Democrats’ charges are.

“As long as we come up with articles that are clear and concise that the American public can understand that this is supportive of the Constitution, I’m pleased,” Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) stated on Sunday. Well, Cohen’s sentiments notwithstanding, what the Democrats have produced fails to provide any clear, objective, nonpartisan, or constitutionally consistent rationale for impeachment. In truth, as Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) observed, “They’re desperate to have an impeachment vote on this president.”

And while Nadler may claim that both Democrats and Republicans can “surely agree that no public official, including and especially the president of the United States, should use his office for private gain,” that charge has never been proven. Rather, Democrats are stretching the understanding of “private gain” in ways the Constitution never intended, and, ironically, all for their own political gain.

Nadler further contends, “We agree that no president should put himself before the country.” How exactly did Trump put himself before the country? For the Democrats, the real answer to that question is that he chose to run for president and defeated their favored candidate. That’s why they have been seeking to impeach him ever since.

Finally, while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi once claimed that she would not move forward on impeachment without bipartisan support, it is almost certain that not a single Republican will vote in favor of impeachment. To make matters worse, she is likely to lose the votes of several Democrats. So much for Pelosi’s bipartisan claims. If anything, it will be the Republicans who will be able to tout bipartisan support against the Democrats’ partisan impeachment sham, and deservedly so.

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