The Patriot Post® · The Schiff-Schumer Tag Team

By Nate Jackson ·

As the Democrats’ Impeachment Express barrels ahead toward the cliff, Adam Schiff and Chuck Schumer have weighed in on the beginning and likely end of the trip.

A quick refresher: The FBI used the Hillary Clinton-funded “dossier,” fabricated by Christopher Steele, to obtain dubious FISA warrants under false pretenses to surveil Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016. In 2018, then-House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes laid all this out in a memo. Schiff, who was the ranking Democrat at the time, rebutted Nunes with a dishonest rewrite of history. According to Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz, Nunes was right.

That brings us to Schiff’s transparent and pathetic attempts to save face. He declared this week:

[The FBI was] right to seek a FISA on Carter Page. And there wasn’t some deep-state conspiracy. There was no spying on the Trump campaign. There was no effort to — based on political bias — open the investigation. It was properly predicated. But there were, nonetheless, serious abuses of FISA which were not apparent two years ago, but which have become apparent now, with 170 witnesses interviewed and two million documents reviewed by the IG. And I am glad that the IG made the recommendations that he has made, and the FBI is going to follow them. But that wasn’t apparent to us two years ago. But the most significant things, I think, are that corrective steps will be taken, in terms of the FISA process, and that the IG debunked these claims by the president, by Mr. Nunes and others, of this deep-state conspiracy, this improper investigation.

What a load of bunk. Even the Trump-deranged Washington Post grudgingly admitted that Nunes was right and Schiff was wrong, so it takes a lot of gall for Schiff to stick to his story.

Schiff wasn’t done. He claimed, “I’m certainly willing to admit that the inspector general found serious abuses of FISA that I was unaware of. Had I known of them … yes, I would have called out the FBI at the same time.” Nunes told Schiff about those abuses nearly two years ago. Instead of “calling out” the FBI, Schiff directed his fire at Nunes.

That’s because Schiff and every other Democrat in the swamp has been fixated on one thing since Nov. 9, 2016: impeaching Trump.

Veteran journalist Brit Hume was incredulous. “[Schiff] says he didn’t know about that?” Hume marveled. “What utter nonsense. One of the most striking things about this IG report … is how closely it mirrors what the Devin Nunes investigation … found and what he said about the FISA abuses, and so on — to which this very same Adam Schiff issued a report and rebuttal, which disputed the Nunes findings — findings now confirmed by the IG report. And now he claims he didn’t know about those things. Of course he knew about them; he wrote a rebuttal to them. And the rebuttal was full of falsehoods.”

And don’t forget it was after all that when Schiff colluded with the whistleblower to set up Trump for impeachment 2.0.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is about to take the reins on behalf of Democrats, as soon as House Democrats inevitably vote this week to impeach. But it is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Republicans who will be calling the shots in the upper chamber.

Schumer is already challenging McConnell over procedure and witnesses. “It seems to me that no good case has been made for witnesses,” Schumer said.

Oops — that was back in 1999 during Bill Clinton’s impeachment. Now Schumer is demanding witnesses.

“To engage a trial without the facts coming out is to engage in a coverup,” he declared Monday. “To conduct a trial without the facts is saying, ‘We’re afraid. We have something to hide.’ To conduct a trial without relevant witnesses who haven’t been heard from, to just rehash the evidence presented in the House, just doesn’t make any sense. If Leader McConnell doesn’t hold a full and fair trial, the American people will rightly ask, ‘What are you, Leader McConnell, and what is President Trump hiding?’”

The New York Democrat tried his darnedest to explain the distinction by saying “children would be watching” in 1999 and didn’t need to hear Monica Lewinsky’s testimony. “It’s a totally different situation [now],” he insisted. “There’s no analogy.”

Sure thing, Chuck. To be clear, Schumer’s strategy now is to have the Republican Senate deny witnesses like John Bolton so he can bang the “they have something to hide” drum. Then again, with Bolton, Schumer might be careful what he wishes for.

Democrats have been calling for McConnell to “recuse himself” because he won’t be impartial. News flash: That would also immediately disqualify every Senate Democrat currently or previously running for president.

Just keep in mind that, from start to finish, from Schiff to Schumer, the Democrats’ impeachment charade has been full of lies and fabrications, driven by an acute case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. No facts, witnesses, or reports will change that.

We’ll just leave you with this headline from The Daily Wire: “Impeachment Support Collapses With Public As Trump Approval Ties Record High.”