Wednesday Top News Executive Summary

Impeachment day, FISA condemnation, spending bills advance, and more.

Media Editors · Dec. 18, 2019

Above the Fold

DAY OF RECKONING CONNIVING : House opens session ahead of historic vote on Trump impeachment (Reuters)

NO HOLDS BARRED: Trump tells Pelosi in blistering letter that Democrats are “declaring open war on American Democracy” (Fox News)

Government & Politics

MIKE LEE WAS RIGHT: FISA court issues rare public order condemning FBI for Russia-probe abuses and demanding reforms (National Review)

MOUNTING EVIDENCE: New attestation shows Hunter Biden-Ukraine payments flagged as “suspicious” in early 2016 (The Daily Wire)

SPENDING BILLS ADVANCE: Senate sends $738 billion defense bill to Trump; House approves $1.4 trillion spending package (The Hill)


THEN: Much of “Trump country” was in recession during 2016 campaign (Reuters)

NOW: Dow Jones officially exceeds 28,333, up 10,000 points since Trump’s election despite doomsday predictions (The Federalist)

D'OH! Vox Media fires hundreds of freelancers due to law trumpeted by Vox (The Washington Free Beacon)


CLASS-ACTION SUIT: New York clergy sex abuse victims are suing the pope — claiming in a landmark lawsuit filed Tuesday that he and the Vatican were aware that a significant number of priests were molesting children and kept it secret (New York Post)

STOMPING ON THE “SOLE” OF AMERICA: New Nike Kaepernick shoe honors date he first sat for national anthem (The Daily Wire)

Closing Arguments

POLICY: USMCA will have a surprising effect on commercial real estate (Washington Examiner)

POLICY: Omnibus spending bill misses the mark on nuclear-energy leadership (The Heritage Foundation)

HUMOR: “Look, is that Trump committing an impeachable offense?” Mitch McConnell says, distracting Democrats while more conservative judges sneak by (The Babylon Bee)

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