The Patriot Post® · Socialist Sanders Tops Dem Field in Donations

By Thomas Gallatin ·

Socialist Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders had a big fourth quarter, as his campaign raked in $34.5 million in donations. For all of 2019, Sanders’s haul totaled nearly $100 million. And if the Sanders campaign is to be believed, the average donations was just $18, which equates to a high number of supporters. But our favorite take on Sanders’s fundraising report comes from satire site NPCDaily, which humorously observes, “Old white men have ruined our country so I gave my entire paycheck to the Bernie Sanders campaign.”

So, who are these individuals giving to a candidate whose socialist policy proposals would effectively wreck the national economy while stomping all over Americans’ constitutional rights? Well, among Sanders donors, the profession most frequently listed is “teacher.” Unfortunately, educators do have a long and absurd love affair with the fundamentally flawed and bankrupt system of Marxism.

Meanwhile, former educator Elizabeth Warren has continued to see her popularity slide. She managed only $21 million in fourth quarter donations, a $3.5 million drop from her third-quarter haul.

Pete Buttigieg, the now former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, had a healthy fourth quarter, bringing in $25 million. That’s on top of recent polling showing him leading the field of Democrats in Iowa and running a close second in New Hampshire.

Joe Biden, the least socialist of the Democrats and the one who continues to lead in national polls, took in a solid $22 million. In short, none of these top candidates is likely to be out anytime soon, especially given the fact that no Democrat state primaries are winner-take-all. The ball will officially get rolling on February 3 with the Democrat caucuses in Iowa.

Strategically, as Mark Alexander previously noted, “The combined Demo war chest that will be used against Trump and to promote their Demo socialist agenda is much greater [than his]. Of course, the free 24/7/365 promotional advertising these leftists receive from their Demo/MSM propaganda machine is priceless.” Yes, that Democrat money is diluted among many candidates, but there is a lot of money flowing to Trump opposition, and neither he nor the GOP should take 2020 for granted, despite the $100 million he reportedly already has on hand.